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Creating a Website with a Personal Branding for a Naturopathic Doctor

Here’s the story on how we helped Dr. Christina Bjorndal, in developing a website with personal branding. Dr. Christina Bjorndal is Naturopathic Doctor with a practice in Edmonton. She is an authority in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and eating disorders. One of the many doctors who have hired […]

Creating a Website that Reflects Who You Are and Your Passion

Thanks to a referral from the business education team at Mirasee, Risk Management Expert Carol Williams approached Amber and the NGNG Team. This is the story on how we helped Carol with website development. Risk management is anything but a static pursuit for an organization, at least as taught by Carol. Rather, it is a […]

Online Coach Seeks Website Redesign and Business Branding Support

Too often, even when a website tells a story, it does not accurately reflect the vitality and personality of the owner. Such was the case when online personal development coach Naomi Sodomin sought help with a website redesign from NGNG. After speaking with Naomi, Amber knew her website needed to more accurately portray the warmth […]

Transforming a Website that Aligns with Your Vision

Here’s the story on how we helped a Transformation Coach in transforming her website to align with her vision. Transformational coach Jeneen Masih, had a vision for her business website: “A place for successful people to learn more about how they can take themselves from the lives they are currently living to a more dynamic […]

Enhancing the Brand Styling of Your Business

Perhaps paradoxically, reaching those who will benefit from science-based emotional training and positivity conditioning requires an emotional marketing message. Yet, while this tends to work well for individuals, reaching potential corporate clients is best accomplished with a fact-based message. With this conflict in mind, Dr. Joan Rosenberg, PhD, reached out to those among her contacts […]

Fitness Business Coach Seeks Expansive Website Redesign

Anthony Renna has spent the past 14 years working with fitness professionals, helping them match their passion for health and fitness to a more viable business model for success. Using three podcast programs, as well as an online TV production, his goal is to educate and illuminate with examples of other successful fitness pros to […]

Small-town Dentist Seeks Website Redesign from Expert WordPress Website Developers

Feeling stuck within a platform that did not suit his needs, doctor Benjamin Schneider, DDS, sought WordPress website development help for a full website redesign. He wanted to upgrade to a more contemporary look and feel, while also understanding how to better use the platform. While willing to refresh the own himself, Dr. Ben was […]

NGNG Helps Lifestyle Coach Kickstart Her Business

Here’s the story of how we helped Lifestyle Coach Kelley Rackow kickstart her business. Kelley has focused her professional life on teaching women entrepreneurs to “prioritize and covet their health as the greatest business asset they own”. In person, her empathetic and passionate approach to lifestyle coaching is obvious yet, like so many coaches, she […]

NGNG Helps Online Fitness Trainer Improve His Branding and Messaging

A unique approach to fitness training and coaching requires an equally unique online presentation. After all, coaching is the fastest-growing internet marketing niche in the world, which makes branding and messaging critical to success. This was the challenge we faced when we were approached by personal trainer and health coach Kalvin Evans, founder of Xodus […]

NGNG Helps Spiritual Life Coach with Website Redesign

When one’s goal is to help others pursue and find their spiritual source, as it is for Spiritual Life Coach Anne Ross, the website used to convey that message must offer a sense of peace combined with competence. Knowing how to make such a statement as part of the WordPress website development process is a […]

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