Risk Management Expert Seeks Help from WordPress Website Design Experts

Thanks to a referral from the business education team at Mirasee, Risk Management Expert Carol Williams approached Amber and the NGNG Team looking to revitalize her WordPress website and marketing message.

Risk management is anything but a static pursuit for an organization, at least as taught by Carol. Rather, it is a dynamic, ever-changing quest for long-term engagement and stability. With that in mind, the NGNG Design Team thought her new website should reflect that approach – with a vital and strategic appeal for the tailor-made risk management solutions Carol has to offer her clients.

While Simple Can Work, Simplistic is Often Static

The overly simple design of Carol’s old website cried out for a more vibrant approach.


logo-designEnterprise Risk Management (ERM) includes the methods and processes used by organizations to manage risks and seize opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives. Yet, because those objectives can be narrowly focused for the particular organization, successfully managing risk often requires customized planning based on unique data sets and proprietary information.

However, though accurate, such a definition is extremely dry. The NGNG Team sought to develop a look and feel for Carol’s website that reflected her passion for her niche, as well as presenting her approach in a more compelling fashion – an effort to make ERM more personal, if you will.

Her New Website is Reflective of the Passion Carol has for Effective Risk Management Solutions

Carol’s smile alone is enough to pull you in to her world of customized ERM solutions.


Warm and personally appealing, while also fully professional, ERM Insights by Carol now offers something for every organization or business that is seeking effective solutions to the challenges of risk management.

High-definition imagery and appealing colors offer a softer, kinder feel to the often harsh, black-and-white world of risk management for business. With such an approach, visitors to her website can be confident that Carol understands the needs of the people behind the scenes of every organization and business she works with.

Warmth and Humanity are Integral to the Feel of Carol’s Redesigned Website



email-marketing-managementBehind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

It is a standard practice of NGNG to offer website SEO along with our custom branding and redesign of a website. This enables Carol to more accurately target her audience. With refreshed copy on select pages, increased transparency through the use of high-quality imagery, and an appeal to the human side of ERM, Carol now has the potential to reach a broad new demographic.

Add to that the new, warmer look of the website we designed and built for her, and Carol is very happy with the redesign of her WordPress website.

We were hired specifically for:

Meet Carol Williams, Enterprise Risk Management Expert

As a data analyst and regulator with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) in the early-to- mid 2000s, Carol’s responsibilities encompassed key concepts of evaluating risk to the insurance company and the public. It was here that she began to take an interest in the risk management aspects of insurance companies’ operations, which led her to pursue an M.S. degree in Risk Management Insurance at the Florida State University.

Her studies at FSU, specifically a course entitled Risk in the Business Enterprise, triggered a light bulb that went off: risk management is way more than guarding against hazards and losses.

From there, the idea for ERM Insights by Carol soon went beyond the traditional consulting firm to include other hands-on services aimed at giving other risk management professionals within those organizations the knowledge and tools they need to make ERM a success for the long haul.

To learn more about Carol and her business model, visit her website: ERMInsightsByCarol.com.

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