NGNG can show you how to grow your following with qualified prospects who are primed to buy from you (and don’t worry… there are no photos in front of jets necessary!)

By the time anyone saw the iceberg, it was simply too late for the Titanic. The past year has dramatically changed the way people view and use social media and other forms of marketing. Generic, cookie-cutter content will no longer work. Instead, users demand custom, authentic, meaningful content that creates a connection with their values and interests.

User trust is declining while information overload and decision fatigue are rapidly growing. Bottom line, consumer psychology has changed. Individuals and brands MUST pivot to meet consumers where they are now.
NGNG will not only help you understand this change and give you a new plan to meet the new demands of social media and marketing… but we will help you systematize the process so you can still get things done in a fraction of the time you would spend otherwise. (Our speciality is to cut the fat and get things done faster without sacrificing quality.) This includes the option to train your VA to do all of the work for you!

Introducing Leverage To Scale

We train your team to get ALL of your weekly video, social media, blogging & email marketing “Done For You!” (Need an assistant? We can help with that too!)

Leverage To Scale is a powerful, predictable and PROVEN online marketing training & support system.

You and Your VA will learn how to:

  • Do keyword research to maximize your exposure through Google’s search engine.
  • Upload & optimize a weekly tip video, podcast episode, live stream or interview to YouTube.
  • Write & publish a weekly blog post encouraging your following to join your email list.
  • Hand-craft daily personalized social media posts in YOUR voice for all major social networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • Send a weekly, nurturing email to your subscribers to convert qualified prospects into buyers.
  • Track your growth numbers so you can see this process working for you!

Live Streaming Services

The #1 thing brands need to be focused on right now is positioning and market share.

General research and stats for you:

  • 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video than read a blog.
  • Today, 47% of live streaming video viewers are watching more live video as compared to last year.
  • Video streaming is expected to account for 82% of all Internet traffic this year.

Examples of how we’ve helped our clients and scaled our own impact with live streaming:

Chris Smith

  • Tracked a 68% view rate (68% of his entire network is watching his live streams). Compared to Gary Vayverchuk at 4%, Amy Porterfield at 5%, Les Brown at 1%. NGNG has optimization down!
  • On Facebook: In just one week Chris’ reach grew by 31%. We also tracked growth in engagements (28%), views (31%), and comments (48%)
  • All social networks have seen 40+ percent growth since starting live streaming with NGNG.

Amber Vilhauer

  • Reach grew by 4,200%
  • Engagement grew by more than 700%
  • More than 15 speaking engagements booked
  • Grossed more than $100,000 within the next month
  • Established multiple new collaborations generating 6-figures and growing

What’s possible for you? Contact us for a 30-min consult and find out.

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