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At NGNG (standing for NoGutsNoGlory), we intimately understand that creating a successful brand or business starts with and centers around a sharp-looking website that captures attention, AND gets our clients results. We’ve launched more than 1,000 websites in the past 10 years and are excited to bring our craft to your business next.
A great website alone won’t offer you the rush and profit you seek. For that, you need a harmonious marketing plan that maximizes your brand exposure, generates a consistent flow of “qualified” leads, AND conditions your audience to buy. We can give you strategy, systems, and speed to scale your online business.
And when you’re ready to launch your book, we’ve got your back! We’ve made hundreds of author’s books #1 bestsellers. Those clients have gone on to sell tens of thousands of copies of their books and landed on stages in front of 15,000 audience members for a $40,000+ speaking fee.
We partner with select clients to scale their monetization model with high-profit virtual events, courses and training programs, funnel build-out, masterminds, and certified coaching.

Our work is custom (no generic, cookie-cutter stuff here). The relationship we have with our clients is personal and long-term. Download our pricing menu and see if we can be a fit to help you actualize your potential online!

Amber vilhauer

Founder & CEO


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The biggest mistakes authors make is not giving themselves enough time to launch, not hiring an expert strategist with a proven track record, and overall short-changing themselves and not seeing what’s really possible with their book. AmberV is the Launch Director behind many dozens of #1 bestselling books including those for Lisa Nichols, Mike Michalowicz, Les Brown, John Lee Dumas, and Martin Lindstrom.


We have proven that by thinking through your customer journey first, we can build a great website that not only has a design you can be proud of, but is built with strategy to attract in qualified buyers who are primed to buy from you. (And don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg!) If you want to win the attention war online, you'll need a website that you can be proud of AND gets you results.


If you struggle with not having a clear marketing plan, trying to do it all yourself, the pains of technology and changing trends, trying to find good help, needing more leads, and certainly never having enough time to ‘do it all’… then our proven marketing operation is for you (a blend of content marketing, podcasting and live streaming). We train your team how to get ALL of your weekly marketing done for you!


Having a stellar platform and marketing operation is a HUGE improvement for most business owners, but if you don’t have a strategic and profitable monetization model, as well as a plan for effectively scaling your business, you won’t realize your company’s full potential. Our world-class team of Master Strategists, led by Isaac Stegman, focuses on revolutionizing the way our clients scale their business in a way that is profitable, builds a lasting connection with customers, and leaves the business owner feeling deeply fulfilled.

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Amber vilhauer

Founder & CEO

Amber Vilhauer is a leading digital marketing strategist who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. Since starting NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting her community and building strong strategic alliances with industry leaders and game-changers across the web. Amber has supported thousands of entrepreneurs on six continents with branding & website development, online marketing and live streaming services. She has been the launch manager behind dozens of #1 bestselling books including those for Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Martin Lindstrom, Dr. Daniel Amen, Lisa Nichols and Les Brown.


Isaac stegman

Managing Partner, SCALE

After serving in the Army, Air Force and as a professional Firefighter, Isaac went on to help build and scale multiple businesses across a number of industries. Having established a reputation for his expertise in sales, strategy and team building, Isaac founded Kaizen Unlimited, a seven-figure coaching and training company which now operates as a sister company to NGNG. As the Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer for NGNG Enterprises, Isaac uses his unique experience and talents to work with a select group of our clients on scaling and monetizing their business as well as working hand in hand with Amber to grow NGNG as an organization.


The NGNG (NoGutsNoGlory) team is made up of highly-respected digital marketing strategists and design professionals who have dedicated their careers to trend-setting and providing excellent customer service for authors, speakers, coaches and small business owners who want to make a difference.
We use our unique gifts and complementary strengths to amplify our impact. We have a “no person left behind” mentality. We assume good intentions in our conversations, check our egos at the door and put others before ourselves. We are purposeful about recognizing and actively appreciating the work of those around us. We value the co-creation process and explore ideas from multiple angles. We are committed to cultivating a high-integrity community where we not only honor inclusion and diversity, but prove we are Better Together every day because of our differences.

NGNG team

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…AND want a team who knows what they’re doing that you LOVE working with… then your next step is to download our pricing menu.

Our service menu offers you a very comprehensive review of our offerings, pricing and payment plan options. We believe in FULL transparency so you can make the best decision for your future.

If you like what you see, you’ll be invited to a no-obligation call with us to discuss your project and see if we’re a fit to help. We will fully educate you in all areas (because you don’t know what you don’t know, right?) … so you are empowered to move forward with confidence and ease.

We greatly value your trust and will work hard to never let you down!

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Get instant access to our pricing menu! Have all the details in FULL TRANSPARENCY so you know what to expect without any surprises. We believe a successful partnership starts at the very beginning with integrity, trust, and communication.

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MEANINGFUL connection

We elevate every experience with warm smiles and open hearts. People light up when they are around us because they feel seen, heard, understood and appreciated. We are fully open, present and engaged. We intentionally go deeper in key relationships by having authentic and honest conversations. We are honest with ourselves and others in a way that shows grace, compassion and humility. We speak the truth, in kindness, even when it’s not easy.

BETTER together

We use our unique gifts and complementary strengths to amplify our collective impact. We assume good intentions in our conversations, check our egos at the door and put others before ourselves. We are purposeful about recognizing and actively appreciating the work of those around us. We value the co-creation process and explore ideas from multiple angles.


We are courageous in exploring new ideas and processes which challenge the status quo. We actively learn from leaders both inside and outside the industry in order to adapt and grow. We have a culture of ideation and innovation and are always seeking the best path forward as a team.

DEEPLY fulfilled

We help people do something they love that makes a difference in the world and take immense pride in the quality and impact of our work. People come to us to pursue the deepest feelings of self-actualization. We challenge and encourage them to grow into their best self. We celebrate our shared values and unique perspectives while creating a culture of acceptance and belonging.

UNWAVERING excellence

We are obsessed with a consistently superior quality of experience, product and relationship. This means owning our mistakes, learning from them and closing the open loops. We are committed to giving our best in every situation, especially when it’s hard.

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Your privacy is our top priority!
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