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Maximize Your Network

with an Effective Operation

Unleash the power of your network to achieve win-win outcomes and boost the success of your book launch.

Introducing: Relationship Management Operation

NGNG’s Relationship Management Operation (RMO) is a system that implants into your organization to nurture your network and relationships and create win-win outcomes.

It was built as a great excuse to initiate the conversation because (1) you are launching a book and (2) you are taking a stand behind a cause.

This is the thing that is
7x-ing people’s businesses

and is a game changer for:

This is the thing that is 7x-ing people’s businesses and is a game changer for:

  • Locking in more bulk buys, speaking engagements, podcast interviews, etc.

  • Getting referrals to expand your network and your reach really dramatically.

  • Reengaging your community in a meaningful way to create maximum impact

We’re not here to be transactional, ask for favors or ruin relationships. Instead, we’re here to revive them and co-create mutual reciprocation during your book launch (and beyond).

Our clients are seeing an ROI on this operation for upwards of three years after the book launch.


and they rave about our services!



Mike Michalowicz is a prolific author (best known for Profit First, Clock Work, and The Pumpkin Plan) and globally recognized speaker. His #1 focus and passion is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty (something he achieves every day). You’ll find Mike speaking on MANY stages, featured on MANY online shows, and getting hugs and high fives from anyone that meets him.



Susie Carder is a Profit Advisor with an IMPRESSIVE track record for business growth success. Not only has Susie built two 10 Million dollar companies, but she was also a mastermind behind growing the Lisa Nichols brand into a 9- figure earner and taking the company public. Small businesses hire Susie to help them achieve faster growth from $250,000yr to $10 Million+.



Joel Comm is a New York Times bestselling author with an impressive 15 books under his belt. He’s one of the leading trend-setters and innovators in the online business space today. You’ll find Joel just about everywhere – speaking worldwide, hosting multiple podcasts, being featured inside some of the world’s largest brands, running multiple companies, all over social media, and, at the Toy Fair.

The Relationship Management Operation consists of:

  • Documenting the people that you know within your current network and just outside of.

  • Conducting your initial meaningful, intentional, and custom 1:1 outreach.

  • Handing over base-level communications to your support team member.

  • Follow up 1:1 with meaningful connections who want to support your mission.