Amber Vilhauer, Owner and Primary Contact

Amber Vilhauer is an online business growth mentor who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. Since starting her multi-six-figure company NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting her community and building strong strategic alliances with industry leaders and game-changers across the web. Amber has supported thousands of entrepreneurs on six continents to get results. She is the launch manager behind several #1 bestselling books including those for Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Bill Walsh, Adam Markel, Lisa Nichols and Les Brown. Working one-on-one with each client, Amber and her teams have created more than 500 WordPress websites. Amber knows how a website needs to function in order to generate sales, build a fan base and attract long-term clientele. She works with clients to build a strong, branded social media presence, coaches each client on which manageable actions will help them achieve their online goals and then walks them through exactly how to do it.

Alex (Alexanndre) Levan, Senior Web Developer & Designer

Alex (or Alexanndre) is dedicated to supporting conscious leaders in living self-actualized lives through business. He possesses a unique fusion of experience in branding, web development, design and marketing over a span of 10 years. This multi-disciplinary approach combines elegance, functionality and effectiveness to create incredibly powerful websites and brands. His intuitive ability to recognize your genius will support you in sharing your unique gifts with the world and creating the impact and results you desire. He is passionate about leadership and business and redefining what these mean in the 21st century.

Todd Bollinger, Web Developer & Designer

Todd brings an array of skillsets to the NGNG team including web development, graphic design, photo enhancement, video editing and motion effects. In 2007, Todd started developing websites for his own projects and found a deep interest in the creation process. As he honed his skills, Todd was approached by friends and colleagues to design their projects. From there, Todd transitioned to designing full time. Todd strives to provide value to clients while expanding his knowledge base as technology changes. In addition, his priority is to listen and understand a client’s need so he can deliver a purposeful and effective message to their customer.


Jill Wichner, Lead Account Manager

Jill brings to the NGNG team more than 15 years of project management, account management and writing experience. Her love of all things creative, paired with a lifetime habit of analyzing, has led her to focus on helping entrepreneurs achieve their online business goals through creative web content and inbound marketing. She enjoys the process of building professional and beneficial client relationships, and has provided her services to those in the pharmaceutical, health care, sales and marketing and travel industries. She is also skilled in creating original search engine optimized website content (blog posts, articles, etc.), inbound marketing and marketing automation. Jill’s well-rounded experience – and passion for helping others – results in the ability to develop and manage top-notch, SEO-optimized websites that bring in business and help online business owners achieve greater levels of success.

Brittany DiCello, Dedicated InfusionSoft and Email Marketing Expert

Brittany combines 11 years of leadership development experience, human relations education, and Business Coaching Certification to maximize the potential of her clients. She is passionate about training and development related to embracing change, utilizing technology, social media, and digital marketing to enhance professional relationships and business growth. As an Infusionsoft expert, Brittany is able to use the software to automate your processes, and market to your lists with ease; therefore, building relationships with your existing customers and helping you grow your business.

Erin Cell, Social Media Specialist

Erin brings to the NGNG team over 20 years experience in account management, customer service, project management, sales, and marketing. After leaving corporate america in 2013, she determined a passion to help business owners create and develop a solid online marketing strategy. Erin loves building relationships with clients; helping discover their “true voice” to share with their following, and leveraging the power of social media. She provides her services primarily to the health, wellness, holistic, coaching and “helping-type” industries.

Richard Contreras, SEO and Copywriting Expert

In January of 2013, Richard brought his 35 years of sales, marketing, and sales management experience, combined with his life-long passion for writing to The Team, supporting website and blog owners in producing creative content for great results. Richard supports NGNG with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blog post writing, article writing, market analysis and keyword research, sales copy, and web page copywriting and development. He’s written for Physicians, Therapists, Attorneys, IT Consultants, Authors, and Realtors; as well as Consultants and Coaches of all types, including: Marketing Consultants, Human Resource Consultants, Financial Consultants, Business Consultants, Leadership Coaches, Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Performance Coaches, Team Building Coaches, Career Coaches, Life Coaches, Personal Development Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Work/Life Balance Coaches, Health and Wellness Coaches, Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaches, and Trainers and Fitness Coaches.

Keri Sojak, Web Developer & Designer

Keri has over 20 years experience in marketing, project management, graphic and web design for businesses both large (Fortune 100) and small (solo practitioner). She finds inspiration in many forms and specializes in taking ideas and visions and turning them into tangible deliverables. She strives to remain flexible in her creative process in order to help others realize their business goals and solve their visual design challenges.

Shannon MacMillan

Shannon MacMillan, Security Manager

Shannon strives to combine her technical skills in front-end development with her passion for beautiful and functional design. She loves finding elegant solutions to web problems and is dedicated to providing outstanding service at every level. With over 17 years of experience in design and technical work (she’s edited films! she’s designed products! she’s painted the scenery for Broadway shows!), Shannon brings a stellar sense of branding and a keen eye for detail to any size project. She is inspired by the ever-evolving nature of the web, and considers herself a lifelong student of her work. When she’s not coding away at her standing desk, she enjoys a good cup of strong tea and medium-to-large sized dogs.

Joni-Leigh Doran, Graphic and Web Designer

In her more than 10 years of graphic design experience, Joni-Leigh has worked with a variety of companies in the creative industry, from large corporations and internationally branded magazines, to below the line ad agencies and design studios. The result is a very extensive experience allowing her to offer a wide variety of design services, including branding and corporate identities, all printed marketing and promotional material (brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters), advertisements in a variety of media (billboards, magazines, etc), editorial illustration, website mock-ups, desktop publishing as well as illustration. Joni has been working with NGNG from the beginning and even introduced Amber to her great friend, Carol, who has been on our team for years.

Carol Hampshire, Graphic and Web Designer

Carol brings more than 20 years of graphic design and marketing experience to your project. Her focus is on producing a great website design as well as taking the usability, marketing strategy and core message behind a design into consideration. She knows the power of a strong brand identity should never be underestimated and that a professional looking company, product or service will attract more customers. Carol is also a trained life coach, which allows her to work with you to create an outstanding visual identity for your company by translating your written or verbal ideas into a visual design that is spot on. When it comes to logo branding, less is more and Carol has a knack of creating a design that contains the simple essence of the company’s ethos.

Julie Davis, Social Media Specialist

Julie Davis has an eye for design and a way with words that landed her in the world of social media. She believes in the value of a fine-tuned social media strategy as a central component in growing a successful online business presence. She’s especially excited about building relationships with her clients in order to effectively portray the core values of the client’s company across diverse social media platforms. When she’s not staring at a screen, she loves to take family bike rides, listen to live music, throw parties, and sneak away with her husband for dinner out.