NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) was founded in 2007 out of a passion to lift up those with an impact-driven message. Today, we've served thousands of authors, speakers, coaches, and business owners globally through branding and website design, bestseller book launches and online support.


Our team is made up of highly-respected digital marketing and design professionals who have dedicated their careers to trend-setting and providing excellent customer service for influencers who want to make a bigger difference.

We have proven that by thinking through your customer journey first + having a strong focus on developing a personal connection with your following … we can build your online platform to attract in qualified buyers who are primed to buy from you. We strongly urge you to spend time on this website and see all that we have to offer. We could be the answer you’ve been searching for!

Meet The Team

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Susan started out her career as a scientist and spent 20 years in the pharma industry where she had experience in manufacturing, regulatory, contract negotiation, M&A, project management and government lobbying before taking over as a country division lead. 5 years ago she left the corporate world to focus on providing operational excellence to high growth clients and has been expanding her skill set as a fractional COO ever since. Susan has 1 daughter, currently lives in Ontario and is an avid runner.

Zach Lush is our in-house hustler for the web & branding division. Keeping the balls rolling and creatives in flow, he's at NGNG to ensure the agency continues pushing the industry forward.

With over a decade of digital marketing experience, Zach believes a people-first experience is the best path to business success. He’s obsessed with UX/UI design, webflow development,  and digital transformation.

Zach is the father to 3 children, enjoys the outdoors, and plans to become a Master Scuba Diver by the end of 2023. 

Haley is a Florida born yogi who moved to the mountains of Colorado 6 years ago. She has been a dedicated Aveda Hairstylist for the last 10 years and Yoga Instructor for the last two years. Haley thrives off human connection and works hard to take care of all those around her. With a strong background in education, leadership, and customer service she is best known for her listening skills, communication skills, and attention to detail. Haley seeks out the best way to support her people and is solution oriented. She will work hard to hear all of your needs and help support you in meeting your goals. Haley is a service provider at heart and looks forward to supporting you in meeting your highest potential.

Alexis is the Director of Culture here at NGNG and one of the Sr. Book Launch Coordinators. She first started in freelance social media and project support after wanting a break from the corporate world. Her driving force was finding a job that allowed her to make a bigger impact on a more personal level. Her time spent in sales and recruiting helped her understand people and fine-tune the skills she found herself most drawn to. Though an avid world traveler, Alexis currently spends most of her time in Seattle and loves exploring the beauty of the PNW.

Megan is a Colorado native and an avid traveler. Most of her career has been in the world of customer service, but she’s found a passion for all aspects of social media marketing and business development. In 2020, she realized the rapid progression of the online landscape, so she took her passions to the next level and began freelancing in the digital marketing company as a virtual assistant.

Alyssa is a Website Account Manager at NGNG Enterprises. She started her career as a research scientist focused on infectious diseases. After finishing her Ph.D., she left the lab and transitioned into digital marketing. Before joining the NGNG team, she spent several years helping business owners grow their brands and connect with their communities through social media and content marketing. When not working, Alyssa enjoys learning new things, spending time with her family, and eating delicious food.

Bridget is a Colorado-born Floridian who joined NGNG with over a decade of hospitality and customer service excellence. Her forté includes creating meaningful connections and developing relationships which has proven successful in her many iterations of service to the community. In her 4 years as a teacher and personal trainer, she got a taste of what scaling her business online would entail. Working at NGNG has opened her up to all the possibilities of online business growth and development. Her entrepreneurial spirit drives her focus on developing leadership skills and highlights her commitment to continuous personal development. Bridget is upleveling her skills in the world of business while bringing passion and pizazz to the Relationship Management sector of NGNG.

Amber Kidd is a Social Media Manager and Strategist who partners with authors, speakers, and business owners to help grow their personal and professional brands and online communities, organically. She is a passionate advocate for authentic connection, intention-driven marketing, and community building.

After spending nearly a decade as a stay at home mom, hustling side VA jobs in marketing and social media, she dove head first into the world of coaching, launching her own side gig for homeschool parents, including writing two Amazon international bestselling books. Amber quickly found her calling in the online support world, helping authors, speakers, and business owners grow their own active and engaged communities, filled with supporters ready to carry their message.

As one of the original Leverage To Scale certified VA's and one of our very own community leaders, Amber knows what truly drives the conversation, how to create an active social media presence with many authentic and deeply connected followers, and bring INTENTION to your next launch.

Jade left her teaching career in 2018 to focus on expanding her network marketing business, and it was during that time she found her love for all things social media marketing and community building. When she’s not spending time with her family or working, she enjoys playing the piano and just about anything outdoors.

Ron specializes in developing wordpress websites. The challenge and experience is what drives her passion to deliver great design and unmatched quality. She assures each and every project will produce 100% satisfying results. She believes that developing a good rapport and regular communication is very important throughout her projects since it ensures the project is completed to the specific needs of each individual client. Ron is not just a web developer, she has also earned her Master Life Coach and NLP Practitioner certificates.

Jonny is a Bay Area native that specializes in web design and digital marketing. He learned web design to help combine his love for technology and creative expression. Using his eye for design he bridges the gap between aesthetics and the customer journey to provide an immersive experience. Jonny believes in communication and collaboration to achieve the greatest results. He consistently enjoys building his skillset to provide clients with more value and help propel their business.

Michael is a computer science graduate with experience working across a full-stack of software platforms.  He specializes in WordPress website design/development and search engine optimization. He is based in Sarasota, Florida, and prides himself on providing a personalized level of service and finding solutions for client needs.  Leveraging his analytical skills and strong attention to detail, he delivers original and efficient web solutions from start to finish.  Building state-of-the-art user-friendly websites is truly a passion for him. 

Ariana is a Book Launch Account Manager at NGNG. After graduating with her bachelors she realized very quickly she did not want to be location dependent and began her hike of the Appalachian Trail. Having then furthered her education in sales and leadership she began to fully comprehend the importance of both extreme ownership and having a growth mindset. Before joining NGNG she spent multiple years applying these values to coaching clients pursuing their education and career goals. She spends the majority of her free time documenting her adventures and enjoying life.
Joni-Leigh has been working as a graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist since 2003, and has been freelancing full time since 2009. After joining Elance in 2010, she started working with clients internationally and through this platform established a wonderful working relationship with NGNG Enterprises. Within 1 year, her profile was ranked within their top 100 providers worldwide, and within 2 years, the top 7. Right now, her focus lies in the full spectrum of branding design for start-ups and entrepreneurs including logo design, stationery, social media headers, banners, ads, brochures, flyers and other marketing collateral. She also takes on illustration commissions in a variety of media, and exhibits her artwork from time to time within her home country of South Africa and abroad.

Alicia is an innovator and evolutionary, and believes in bringing wellness into all aspects of life. She’s a certified yoga teacher and has been teaching and leading yoga lifestyle programs since 2008. She’s deeply inspired by Ayurveda and the practical application of yoga in business. She credits yoga for helping her discover who she is, her voice, confidence and creativity.

Alicia has been in the beauty and wellness industry for over 20 years, choosing brands with a mission of care, sustainability and connection to nature. Her study of journalism and marketing in college has been a common thread in her various leadership roles related to sales, marketing, branding, social media, business strategy and education. During the Covid-19 lockdown she and her friend, Ashley launched Exhale Wellness at Work to bring yoga-inspired wellness through a livestream format, for home and work.

Cali-girl at heart, Alicia moved to Colorado in the mid-90’s with her family. She currently lives in Denver, Colo with her rescue dog, Scout and occasional visits from her son, Tyler who’s away at UNC Greeley studying business and film.

Cierra supports NGNG as an Executive Assistant with a knack for organization and efficiency.

After college, she spent over a decade in operations management developing her leadership, team building, and customer service skills. She then went on to open her own licensed home daycare business and also has experience as a freelance content creator, copywriter, and administrative professional.

Residing in Michigan, Cierra has a strong drive to serve others and enjoys spending as much quality time as possible with her husband and four children.

Jennifer, or Jenn (with two n’s!), is a transplant from Florida’s Panhandle. She’s spent most of her life coaching community based fitness and in the hospitality industry, which has led to a passion for building relationships. As a part of her move to Colorado she has sought out to find her own path and create space for more authenticity, including in her work life. Since then she has stepped out of those arenas to expand on her passions in a bigger way, while upping her her knowledge and developing herself in the business world. Aside from being in the sunshine or playing volleyball, she finds that she is thriving most when she is able to seek out meaningful human connection that makes others feel seen. She believes we all have a voice and is beyond pumped to be a part of the NGNG team, a team that'll empower you to elevate yourself just one step further than you thought possible.

Brandon is a Canadian graphic designer that enjoys tackling anything from print to web. He puts a focus on understanding the client's brand and then applies it consistently wherever they leave their mark. He enjoys all styles of design and is always looking to expand his horizons. Brandon stays creative outside of work by writing and performing music (when there isn't a pandemic).

Hi, I'm Kat.

Client interests are my absolute priority. I always listen attentively to understand your needs and will work tirelessly on your behalf. I'll use my trademark energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to create a marketing plan for you.

I've spent over nine years in the marketing field - I am experienced with strategic and results-driven marketing solutions. I have proven expertise in digital, print, and email marketing, graphic design, photography, and videography. I will use these well-honed skills to market your book and business successfully.

When I'm not busy working, my hobbies are dancing, cars, and attending car shows. I volunteer at orphanages and am currently sponsoring a child from Colombia through the Compassion International program.

I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and make your business goals a reality!

Nate lives full-time in an RV, anywhere there’s cell service (or not). Most of his life was spent in customer service and writing short stories. In 2021 he decided to explore where his background in creative writing and journalism could take him. He recently joined NGNG to develop novel creative endeavors.

Suzie Payne is a Junior Account Manager in the Book Launch Division of NGNG. She has a Bachelor’s degree in sociology, and spent much of her career working to empower and resource people in underserved communities. Additionally, Suzie supported her young family through various customer facing roles and is versed in providing fulfilling and personalized experiences for everyone that she serves. Suzie thrives off personal connections and is enthusiastic to work with authors through the process of unveiling their work.

Suzie is an avid reader, writer, and endlessly intrigued and inspired by people’s personal journeys and unique experiences. She recently relocated to Philadelphia after twenty years in the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time you can find her exploring her new city, Facetiming her young adult daughter, and volunteering her time to causes close to her heart.

JoJo Zhanae here, my passion for creating and connecting on a soul level, has helped me pave this life I call my own. I have visited twelve countries, and have had the opportunity to connect and pour into so many people along the way.

In my spare time, you can find me in any creative realm, more so lately behind or infront of a camera. If you can not find me in some form of creativity, you'll find me in any class that can build my career tool kit or learning Korean.

Nicole Obie is the Junior Social Media Specialist here at NGNG enterprises.

Nicole Obie currently resides in the lovely volunteer state of Tennessee. She has earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee of Martin.

Over the past decade, she has worked in various fields such as mental health case management, property management, customer service, and healthcare.  During her time in these various fields, she developed a love for connecting with people, marketing, and utilizing her creative outlet.

During the pandemic, Nicole made a major shift in her career to begin working as a Virtual Assistant.  While working as a Virtual Assistant, Nicole found a love for creating graphics, content, and motivating others by sharing positivity and inspiration.

When she is not working, she enjoys family time with her husband and 2 sons.

Lauren is a Missouri-native whose professional background lies in education. After getting her degree, she taught for one year at a project-based school before moving to Chicago to pursue her graduate studies (a master's in educational policy). She has written numerous freelance and academic works for the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Amazon, and Oh Reader magazine over the past couple years. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling (especially national parks), and admiring the office supplies at her local Office Depot.

Growing up on a small island in the Caribbean, Christopher was able to see and understand the need for unique designs that are not only relatable but memorable. He grew up with an adventurous spirit, always interested in different cultures and their history. This passion for travel and culture has influenced his design work.

Christopher began to create graphics for fun at the age of 15. He became serious about it when he realized that he could make some extra money from it.

Over the years, he had the opportunity to work for clients that varied in size, from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations. This has taught him to meet the needs of a variety of clients. It has also taught him how to deliver results on time and on budget while being passionate about collaborating with businesses and individuals to create meaningful experiences for their target audiences. He’s always motivated by the opportunity to work on projects with small businesses who want their brand to stand out from the crowd.


Haleigh is originally from Florida, and decided to move to Colorado after college.

Most of her professional experience has been in the hospitality industry. This experience has developed her passion for helping people and building relationships.

She loves to spend her time traveling, checking out new restaurants, and practicing yoga.

Aside from Web design and development, Jason's specialty is troubleshooting & problem-solving.
He is passionate about finding the latest innovative solutions for clients. Jason tries to maintain a work life balance with jujitsu and traveling with kids ( both great for a cardio workout! ).
He calls the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina home and his favorite place in the world is floating in his little boat, exploring small islands or pretending to be a fisherman with his 4 children.

We Believe

We work with some of the most heart-centered, innovative people on the planet. Those who really want to course-correct humanity socially, economically and environmentally. NGNG is the engine to power their voice, growth and impact.
When these authors, speakers, or entrepreneurs become serious about wanting to make a difference… they often turn to online business professionals to design their marketing plan and build their online platform, in order to capture the attention of those they are compelled to serve.
However… what you will discover over time is: digital ‘automation’ (as it is taught mainstream today) is the biggest threat to your business and impact.
Consumers experience information overload, decision-fatigue and end up feeling like a herd of moo’ing cows being walked through a funnel.
Your prospects deserve better.
To win the attention war online, you must learn how to authentically develop meaningful connection with each individual who learns about your work to scale your influence and impact. This is the belief upon which all of NGNG’s strategy, systems and services are created.

NGNG core values

MEANINGFUL connection

BETTER together


DEEPLY fulfilled

UNWAVERING excellence

We all must remember

To elevate every experience.


Book Launches

The biggest mistakes authors make is not giving themselves enough time to launch, not hiring an expert strategist with a proven track record, and overall short-changing themselves and not seeing what’s really possible with their book. AmberV is the Launch Director behind many dozens of #1 bestselling books including those for Lisa Nichols, Mike Michalowicz, Les Brown, John Lee Dumas, and Martin Lindstrom.


We have proven that by thinking through your customer journey first, we can build a great website that not only has a design you can be proud of, but is built with strategy to attract in qualified buyers who are primed to buy from you. (And don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg!) If you want to win the attention war online, you'll need a website that you can be proud of AND gets you results.


If you struggle with not having a clear marketing plan, trying to do it all yourself, the pains of technology and changing trends, trying to find good help, needing more leads, and certainly never having enough time to ‘do it all’… then our proven marketing operation is for you (a blend of content marketing, podcasting and live streaming). We train your team how to get ALL of your weekly marketing done for you!


Having a stellar platform and marketing operation is a HUGE improvement for most business owners, but if you don’t have a strategic and profitable monetization model, as well as a plan for effectively scaling your business, you won’t realize your company’s full potential. We focus on revolutionizing the way our clients scale their business in a way that is profitable, builds a lasting connection with customers, and leaves the business owner feeling deeply fulfilled.

If you are serious about your success,
…AND want a team who knows what they’re doing that you LOVE working with… then your next step is to download our pricing menu.

Our service menu offers you a very comprehensive review of our offerings, pricing and payment plan options. We believe in FULL transparency so you can make the best decision for your future.

If you like what you see, you’ll be invited to a no-obligation call with us to discuss your project and see if we’re a fit to help. We will fully educate you in all areas (because you don’t know what you don’t know, right?) … so you are empowered to move forward with confidence and ease.

We greatly value your trust and will work hard to never let you down!

RAVES what people are saying

Amber Vilhauer is a leading digital marketing strategist who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. Since starting her agency, NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting her community and building strong strategic alliances with industry leaders and game-changers across the web. Amber has supported thousands of entrepreneurs on six continents with branding & website development, online marketing and live streaming services. She has been the launch manager behind dozens of #1 bestselling books including those for Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Martin Lindstrom, Dr. Daniel Amen, Lisa Nichols and Les Brown.


#1 Relator


2 with a 3 wing


The Defender (power + alert)


6/2 The Steward Natural





MEANINGFUL connection

We elevate every experience with warm smiles and open hearts. People light up when they are around us because they feel seen, heard, understood and appreciated. We are fully open, present and engaged. We intentionally go deeper in key relationships by having authentic and honest conversations. We are honest with ourselves and others in a way that shows grace, compassion and humility. We speak the truth, in kindness, even when it’s not easy.

BETTER together

We use our unique gifts and complementary strengths to amplify our collective impact. We assume good intentions in our conversations, check our egos at the door and put others before ourselves. We are purposeful about recognizing and actively appreciating the work of those around us. We value the co-creation process and explore ideas from multiple angles.


We are courageous in exploring new ideas and processes which challenge the status quo. We actively learn from leaders both inside and outside the industry in order to adapt and grow. We have a culture of ideation and innovation and are always seeking the best path forward as a team.

DEEPLY fulfilled

We help people do something they love that makes a difference in the world and take immense pride in the quality and impact of our work. People come to us to pursue the deepest feelings of self-actualization. We challenge and encourage them to grow into their best self. We celebrate our shared values and unique perspectives while creating a culture of acceptance and belonging.

UNWAVERING excellence

We are obsessed with a consistently superior quality of experience, product and relationship. This means owning our mistakes, learning from them and closing the open loops. We are committed to giving our best in every situation, especially when it’s hard.

Get instant access to our pricing menu! Have all the details in FULL TRANSPARENCY so you know what to expect without any surprises. We believe a successful partnership starts at the very beginning with integrity, trust, and communication.

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