An End-of-Day Routine to Boost Productivity

Get ready to learn my very own personal end-of-day routine that I’ve executed for years! It dramatically improves my mood, stress and overall productivity. No joke!

You’ve probably heard about many great ways to start your day. But, guess what? Your end-of-day routine is just as important. Frankly… I might argue it’s more important!

So, here’s a big question for you. Do you end your day at the office in a way that leaves you feeling productive and stress-free? Do you step away from your work feeling organized and confident about how you’ll tackle the next day? If not, wouldn’t you love to?

I follow a routine that I couldn’t live without. It keeps me on top of every little detail, reduces my overwhelm and keeps me feeling empowered and happy. I hope that your personal routine leaves you feeling that same way. But, if it doesn’t, these actions can do wonders for your mindset and productivity!

My Tips for an End-of-Day Routine You’ll Love:

  • Clean your desk. Put all pens, books, papers and things away. Make sure everything is tidy. Wipe your desk down so everything is clean and clutter free. (Do NOT underestimate the power of this tip!)
  • Create your to-do list … for tomorrow! Take as much time as you need to sit and write down every single thing that you want to accomplish the next day. For example, reply to this email, work on this project, design a cover for my new free PDF report, write my next blog post. The key here is … don’t over-complicate it! Focus on the things that have to be done in order to move your business and projects forward.
  • Create your wish list. Keep a separate list that you’ll use to track your non-urgent “wish list” items. These may be things that you’d like to do down the road but don’t want to forget about. Include those awesome ideas that come to mind and anything else that you want to capture and come back to later.

These actions might seem a little too simple to have a big impact, but I can’t speak strongly or highly enough about them.

By ENDING the day writing your lists, you brain-dump everything that is on your mind. (Talk about sleeping better at night!) Your office is organized and clean, your to-dos are set for the next day. You can end the work day with a sense of accomplishment and closure (and then be fully present in whatever you do next – ahem, think your family might appreciate that?).

The really beautiful thing?

You come in the next morning to a clean organized space knowing exactly what you’re going to accomplish. And look … there’s your to-do list waiting for you!

Seems simple, but try it every day for the next week or two, and I can just about guarantee you’ll feel excited, energized and rejuvenated. Comment below and let me know how it works!

Amber Vilhauer

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