7 Tips to Improve Your Mindset!

I want to empower you to improve your mindset and ignite your motivation!

I bet that you are super excited about your business and passionate about helping others.  Am I right?

But chances are you’re not spreading your message effectively and sometimes get stuck in the technology or marketing – the very things that seem to pull you away from making more of an impact.

Sound familiar?

Let this serve as a reminder that you CAN do what you love, build a scalable and profitable business and impact millions around the world.

You CAN.

I’d like to share 7 truths to correct your mindset course and serve as an “ah ha!”

  1. What do you really love to do the most? Do more of that. (Don’t just scan this post…. really think about what you love.)  For example, if you hate Twitter, don’t be on it.  But if you love Pinterest, do more of that.
  2. Get rid of everything that is a distraction from what you need or want to be doing.
  3. Hire a coach to map out the strategy for your legacy and no longer leave it up to chance.
  4. Revisit all of your business content and determine if you are just selling a product/service or if you are selling an experience. This is where you’ll really jump to higher levels in your business.
  5. Stop playing it safe and/or small. It’s only delaying your success and purpose. (This is a biggie…. yes, pointing the finger at YOU!)
  6. Take constant action so your limiting beliefs don’t even have a chance to capture your attention.
  7. Treat your business like a business. It’s not a hobby or a desire. It’s a business.

Les Brown said, “If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. If you do what is hard, your life will be easy.”

That is SO TRUE.

A few weeks ago, I made the choice to do what was hard.  It was NOT easy to work for 5 hours straight with no break, recording 35 marketing videos on a Saturday when I wanted to be outside playing. But, that made life SO much easier!

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, study the list above and be honest with yourself about what you can improve upon.

You have lives to save and impact. Now is YOUR time. Let’s make it count!

Amber Vilhauer

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