I know all about the nasty Inner Critic inside that pushes us down every time we feel really pumped to make massive progress in our personal or professional lives. My Inner Critic has literally moved me to a stream of tears or a fit of rage at times. I’m here to tell you it’s natural, it’s normal and it is possible to control!

Below is an example of how an Inner Critic can creep into your mind and control your actions. This short video was created by one of my dearest friends and bestselling author, Paul Hendricks and is highly entertaining!

This video (along with learning about Mike Michalowicz’s latest book, The Pumpkin Plan) inspired me BIG TIME. We can be so focused on “how to get more visitors to my website” or “how to get more people to buy my product” that we don’t always look at what the real problem could be… listening to our Inner Critic.

Have you ever really noticed how you handle the experience when you go to execute on an idea and you hear that voice which says, “You’re not good enough!” or “That’s already been done!” or “You SUCK!” Well, I decided to go through that very experience to come up with a process that I can give to you to help you out of these shame spirals.

Amber’s 3-Step Process

Talking Back to Your Inner CriticI came up with a 3-step process that you can quickly go through ANY TIME your Inner Critic pops up to put you down. Once you’ve gone through the process once, I bet you never need to refer back to my guide again.

This is a simple system I created after having gone through my final experience where I *believed* my Inner Critic and all the nasty, self-deprecating judgements that came from it. I realized that I could listen to my Inner Critic saying “I suck” or I could talk back and prove my Inner Critic wrong.

I would love to share my 3-step process with you and the emotional moment that led me to create it. Since I went through this process myself for the first time, I have experienced unbelievable growth, joy and it has dramatically reduced my stress levels. I kid you not!

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