My Best Tips to Reduce Stress and Avoid Overwhelm

My Best Tips to Reduce Stress and Avoid Overwhelm

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s struggling to make your online business successful, you’re probably trying to cope with stress on an almost daily basis.

As an entrepreneur myself, working to grow my online business development done-for-you service business, I know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Plus, I’m regularly asked how to cope with stress and avoid being overwhelmed. In my Authentic Leader Q&A Video Series I answer this question for you, and here, I want to share some of the best tips with you as well.

Having spent the past eight years running my business online, I’ve developed some strategies to help me cope with the stress of running my own business, and avoiding the sense of being overwhelmed with responsibilities; taking care of my clients, and being there for my wonderful support team.

Stay Active to Reduce Stress

Even the most basic Google search will tell you (and all the experts agree) that even modest exercise will help to relieve stress – of every kind. Being stuck behind a desk all day, even if you work from home, is not a great way to de-stress.

I’ve found three very simple things to do that help me to add a little bit of physical activity to my days:

  • Begin the day with 30 minutes of exercise. The first thing I do each morning is spend 30 minutes doing yoga or cardio or weight lifting. This helps me focus the mind, and set aside all the “mind chatter” that assaults me first thing each day.
  • Take a long walk in the middle or end of the day. Near the end of my day, I take my dog for a nice long walk, say 20-30 minutes. This allows me to let go of all the frantic activity, reflect on things I might have done better, enjoy nature, and absorb some Vitamin D from the sun. This also offers me a great transition from work into family mode for the evening.
  • Leave the desk once every hour. Feeling stuck in one place all day can really make you feel sluggish, stressed out, and overwhelmed. It can even lock up the joints. I try to get up once and hour throughout the day, and all evening even if I’m relaxing in front of the TV with my husband. I have an app on my phone that triggers an alarm every 50 minutes that says “Get up and Move!” Spending a quick 10 minutes doing this gets the blood flowing again, and helps me to refocus when I return.

Of course, I also choose to eat well and drink plenty of water. These things, combined with regular physical activity, really help me to manage stress and keep me from feeling overwhelmed by all I have to do each day.

Ignore the Big Picture to Avoid Overwhelm

I’ve discovered that being constantly aware of ALL THE STUFF that’s going on in my life can be completely overwhelming. So, I’ve made a conscious choice to avoid Big Picture Thinking until the time is right for it.

In other words, I’ve learned to compartmentalize my mind. Obviously, considering the really important stuff you need to take care of (house hunting, the direction of your relationship, and long-term goals for your business) are incredibly important. BUT, you just can’t focus on that every day without feeling like it’s all just TOO MUCH.

Instead, try setting aside time for the Big Picture Stuff, then set it aside as you work through your daily and weekly goals. This will clear your mind and help you feel productive instead of feeling like you just can’t cope.

A great little tool for this is using flash cards: a group of cards with single goals you can refer to when you feel like there’s too much going on. This will help you to focus on one thing at a time, rather than all of the overwhelming stuff that affects your life and business. Big Picture thinking is great for goal setting, but getting the work done to get there requires specific action. Use these cards to help you stay focused on those actions.

Finding Balance

It’s recently become popular to say that finding balance is not possible. I disagree STRONGLY. Finding balance between life and work really is possible, and one of the ways I accomplish this through my schedule.

  • Work time – I have established work hours that I adhere to religiously. No, I no longer “punch a time clock” for someone else, but I also understand the importance of focusing on work for a pre-determined amount of time each day, then enjoying the rest of my life.
  • You time – I set aside time “For Me” every day, some of which is included in the section above. The daily walk is “Me time,” as is the time I spend with family at the end of each day – without allowing work to interfere.
  • Friend time – When it’s time to work, I work. When it’s time to enjoy friends and family, I do that too. BUT I do not allow the two intrude on each other. Why would I? That would only diminish each of them, and add more stress.

Creating boundaries for work time and life time is critical to finding balance between your work and life. This will literally make you more productive during work hours, which will also allow you to enjoy the “down time” away from work.

One last tip: reward yourself for a job well done, especially when you complete large projects successfully.

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