Planning a Successful Q4 Strategy

Today, I have a two-hour meeting with my leadership team and it’s going to be about planning a successful Q4 strategy and how we’re going to finish the year strong. I was just reviewing some of my observations, and I couldn’t help but feel blown away by what we’ve accomplished this year! There may be […]

Our Journey of Growth, Pain and Shifting

In this Special Edition Fast Track Series, I’m going to share with you our journey of growth, pain and shifting! I’ve shared my story with you from the very beginning, where I was this shy, awkward observer who didn’t have very many friends who ended up waking up to her entrepreneurial spirit and eventually starting […]

How Our Business Thrived During the Pandemic

Today, I share with you an inspiring story of how our business thrived during the pandemic. It was February of 2020 and it was a morning just like any other. I’m rushing to get ready when  Clay’s dad came in  and said,  “Amber, I need to tell you something that’s going to be hard to […]

The Day I Walked Out On An Audience of 200+

Success doesn’t happen instantly, at least not in my career. In my 15-year journey with NGNG, there was a three-year period where I kind of kept bumping up against this plateau. And this I decided I was going to bust right through it. I had a really good strategy at that time, which I still […]

The Marketing Hack That Changed Everything

Have you ever wondered, “What’s the fastest way to do my marketing without sacrificing quality, while still developing meaningful connections with people at every point along the way?” I have the answer. I remember early on in the business, I was sitting at my desk and I had just finished a blog post that took […]

The Time NGNG Almost Didn’t Make It

Have you ever put your time and energy into something that ends up falling seriously short of your expectation? Well, that’s exactly what happened with the very first Virtual Summit I hosted back in 2014. Today, I’ll share with you that time NGNG almost didn’t make it. I remember it was a Saturday morning when […]

A Sales Strategy that Increased Our Sales Conversion

In today’s Fast Track video, I want to share with you something I was reflecting on that happened just two years after I founded NGNG. Most of you know that when you’re new in business, you’re always learning. You’re testing the waters and seeing what you like and what sticks – and oh boy was […]

4 Ways to Create Income Immediately

I’ve recently become incredibly frustrated, kind of freaked out really, because I’m seeing coaches all over the place who’re struggling to monetize NOW! Beyond that, the advice I’m seeing these coaches receive is all about long-term solutions rather than quick income-generation strategies, which is what I want to offer you today. These poor coaches who […]

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