Planning For Q4

Today, I have a two hour meeting with my leadership team to plan out what we’re going to do for Q4 and how we’re going to finish the year strong.

 I was just reviewing some of my observations, and I couldn’t help but feel blown away by what we’ve accomplished this year! There may be a few gold nuggets that could help steer you in the right direction when it comes to your business 😉

Here are some things we did well: 

  1. Commitment to work/life balance.  This is something our team did an amazing job with last quarter. They really got to experiment with making the most out of remote work/life balance, how to increase more vacation time with family or experience new hobbies- all while executing on projects with unwavering excellence. 
  2. Team culture. This is something NGNG has always been heavily focused on, and I realize I may be biased…but we do a damn good job at it (lol)! Despite being a fully remote team, there are plenty of opportunities to build meaningful relationships with both colleagues and clients, which is our company’s top core value . 

Here are some areas we want to have a strong focus on moving forward: 

  1. Meaningful connection with current and past clients. Creating a #meaningfulconnection is one of my personal values and purposes, for living and for work. I always want to know: how can we create more connection with each person who enters our world? How can we be #better together?
  2. Revamping our two best selling programs. It makes my heart happy to see the impact that Leverage To Scale and The Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint are having in the industry by authors who are actually growing successful businesses. We are helping our clients gain meaningful results with these programs. We’re looking forward to diving in even deeper and going to the next- level so that our next wave of authors are set up for success as well. 
  3. Amber Vilhauer rebrand.  I’ve been doing some deep reflection on all of the ways that I’ve grown and all of the painful learning lessons that I have successfully moved through the past few years… and I just feel more clear. I feel more empowered. I feel more like myself than ever before.  I’m no longer afraid to use my voice. And so with that comes a full rebrand: new logo, new website, new photos…the works. 🙂 I cannot wait to share it all with you! 

Although there is always room for improvement,  I’m extremely pleased and impressed with the NGNG team and the way we’re operating right now. Hopefully this reflection is helpful to you in your Q4 planning, and remember…we’re here to support! 

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