5 More Tips to Creating Great Videos!

I am so excited to see many of my clients taking the plunge into creating videos!

I honestly believe that there is no better way to connect with your audience. Why? Because they get to see you. The real you. This genuine connection creates much better long-term results and helps you build a bigger and more loyal following.

The key is to present your most authentic self, and that can be downright scary! And with those fears comes your inner critic: you don’t look good enough, you’ll sound stupid, the production value won’t cut it, people will think you’re a fraud, etc. Stop! Take a deep breath. Keep reading because I’m about to share my very best video creation tips with you.

Tip #1:

Stop trying to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. People aren’t trying to connect with perfection. They want to connect with someone who is real and genuine. Hey, you’ve got both covered! Your viewers won’t care if you trip over a few words, if your hair isn’t perfectly in place, if you’re using your hands too much or if your beard isn’t perfectly shaved. Just be you. A presentable you, but a realistic you.

Tip #2:

Battling nervous jitters? Before recording, take a deep breath. Let the nerves run through you. Then, think to yourself: It’s not about me, it’s about them. Say it out loud a few times. It’s not about me, it’s about them. When you get out of your head and remember that you’re doing this to help others, your nerves will dissipate.

Tip #3:

Talk to 1 person. Forget how many people will see your video. Imagine one person (your client avatar) sitting before you, and speak directly to him/her. How does that person want you to show up? What does he/she need? Do this, and your viewers will connect with you on a deeper level.

Tip #4:

Look through the camera … not at the camera. Seeing the lens, the indicator lights, etc. can leave you feeling nervous and exposed. Look through the lens all the way to the person you imagine sitting on the other end.

Tip #5:

Ditch the script. When you memorize a script and say the words on camera, viewers can almost always tell. They see your eyes darting back and forth (if you’re reading a prompter) and totally feel the “rehearsed” vibe. Instead, have a few main points in mind and fill in the details naturally. Just talk to the camera. Practice a few times if you need to. You know your stuff!

Be that wonderfully authentic person I know you are! That’s who the world wants to see. Trust yourself. Build your confidence. You can always do another take. I know you can do this! Give it a try, and then comment below to let me know how you think it went! I am SO rooting for you!

Amber Vilhauer

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