4 Ways to Create Income Immediately

I’ve recently become incredibly frustrated, kind of freaked out really, because I’m seeing coaches all over the place who’re struggling to monetize NOW!

Beyond that, the advice I’m seeing these coaches receive is all about long-term solutions rather than quick income generation strategies, which is what I want to offer you today.

These poor coaches, who are struggle to generate immediate income, are constantly being told that they should: blog more often, create a new product, or build their email list with more free offers. Sure, these are good strategies – for long-term success. BUT, if you need to generate immediate income, these simply will NOT work for that!

So, today, I’d like to share with you four ways that I’ve found to create immediate income, to help you “get more oxygen” and feel less anxiety and stress as you put your long-term marketing strategy in place!

These are not things I’ve “heard about” from someone else, but are things I’ve done myself that helped generate cash when I really needed it!

How to Generate Cash Quickly (No Gimmicks!)

  1. Strategic Partners – to help you generate income right away. Find a partner that needs your help, and who can offer you a regular flow of clients. For example, when I needed to generate cash quickly, I began to build strategic partnerships with companies that needed my help to build an online presence for their clients. As they began to hook me up with more clients, I offered them a commission for the referrals. (More: Aligning with Promotional Partners to Gain Exposure, Share Your Message and Make More Money Online)
  2. Cold Call Emails – this is my phrase for approaching clients, without a referral, by going to a website and using their contact from to suggest working together to help them improve their online presence, brand, or list. Keep it simple, with a few suggestions on how you can help them, and offer a free phone consultation to discuss whether or not you can work together. Be genuine and offer real value – and always over deliver.
  3. Free Strategy Sessions – because high-value freebies can lead to new clients. Begin with past clients who no longer use your services (for whatever reason) or connections on LinkedIn or Facebook Groups, and offer them a free strategy session. You can justify the freebie by saying you’re looking for feedback or testimonials; to improve your coaching skills; to improve your market research; to increase your knowledge base. Whichever reason you use to justify the free offer, by asking for their help you’re far more likely to get it! Of course, during the coaching session you’ll learn what the client is struggling with – and you can then offer solutions; a targeted solution that will help you close the deal at the end of the call.
  4. Affiliate Marketing – to generate what’s known as “passive income”. For example, since I design and build WordPress websites, it’s a natural step for me to become an affiliate with my favorite web hosting service, WP Engine. Now, every time someone signs up with WP Engine, I receive a $200 commission on the sale. There are probably dozens of products, services, and/or special events within your niche that you can promote for others, and earn income from it.

Unfortunately, a blog post is just too limiting for me to expand on these ideas as much I’d like to, so…

For more details on how you can make these strategies work to generate immediate income for you, please take a look at my 30-minute SUPER detailed YouTube video on the subject, For Coaches: 4 Ways to Make Immediate Income (NO gimmicks!).

Even better, why don’t you take advantage of my FREE 30-Minute Consultation offer, where I can help you find the best ways to create income for yourself immediately? It’s a no-pressure call to get some targeted advice from a seasoned entrepreneur. I’m happy to help you in any way I can!  🙂

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