5 Tips for Recording Great Videos!

Are you procrastinating on video creation because you fear every little detail needs to be perfect before you can record that MUCH-needed video that haunts your daily to-do list? Let’s be honest with ourselves… You know video is important. You know you want to get your message out to more people and make more sales. […]

18 Success Tips from Richard Branson

I was reading an article recently which led me down a path of reading all kinds of things (lol)! Been there? Well I eventually came across an article on Business Insider titled “18 Tips for Success from Richard Branson” and thought it had some great value. I wanted to share it with you. Perhaps when you’re […]

Simplify the Way You Work in 4 Easy Steps

You know that feeling when it seems like there is just too much to do? I think that I can safely guess that you do. Believe me, so do I. So what do we do about it? My advice is short and sweet. Simplify! We have crazy, unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves to do […]

7 Tips to Improve Your Mindset!

I want to empower you to improve your mindset and ignite your motivation! I bet that you are super excited about your business and passionate about helping others.  Am I right? But chances are you’re not spreading your message effectively and sometimes get stuck in the technology or marketing – the very things that seem […]

An Email Marketing Approach You May Want to Avoid

I have a great tip to share with you today that you can keep in your back pocket. I recently got an email blast from someone, and a classic mistake was made in the opening line. “Hello there! I know it’s been many months since you’ve heard from me, but 2015 was quite a year!…” […]