Life Coach with Global Reach Seeks Expert WordPress Website Development

Renata Andrade brings quite the unique approach to her work as a life coach. Her focus is helping women who’ve followed their partners around the globe to maintain or reestablish their own identity and sense of self. Herself an expat mom, she has the experience needed to help others who’ve left their “normal” life behind to be successful, confident and proud of their own work, while parenting and supporting her partner around the globe!

Targeting such a narrowly defined niche is a real challenge for two reasons: not many other people are competing for your audience (which can be a good thing) but, your audience is relatively small and may be fairly remote (which can limit access). Overcoming these requires the help of an expert website development and online marketing team.

Thanks to a referral from well-known coaching coach Carolin Soldo, Renata was led to Amber and the NGNG team to help her improve her website and refine her message.

Expanding Her Reach to a Global Audience Was Critical for


A classy, professional look was important as we developed Renata’s custom banner. We also wanted to ensure a consistent look and message, something that would appeal to an extremely diverse audience as we styled and added her content to have a global reach.

Such a well-defined purpose requires an equally well-defined message. The strategic conversations Renata had with Amber, the Sales Page we built for her, and the social proof we added are all designed to help her appeal to her narrowly defined target audience. We even built her a cloned website – in Portuguese – to help her reach that demographic.

The diversity of the audience Renata must attract requires great communication, which is why we set up her email list building plan, using MailChimp.

Global Reach, Social Proof, and Communication Were Areas of Focus for NGNG



Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

As with all of our WordPress Website Design packages, we included basic website SEO upon launching Renata’s site. This includes organic SEO work for primary pages and blog posts. Doing this enables Renata (and other clients) to more accurately reach her target audience.

The clean, classy look of the website we designed for her is a good match for the global appeal of the message Renata has to offer female expat partners.

The NGNG Team were hired specifically for:

Meet Renata Andrade, Global Life Coach for Expat Partners

As an expat mom in her own right, Renata has lived the life and overcome the challenges of keeping a family together while travelling the world in support of her partner. She knows that it is hard for a woman to focus on herself when her kids are adjusting to a new school, language or struggling in any area. She has developed a coaching methodology to help parents maneuver their expat kids’ challenges based on her experience working as a child therapist, so that even expats can be the great parents they want to be, and also have space in their minds to focus on themselves. Click here to learn more about Renata’s Life and Parent Coaching.

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