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Recognized Online Personality Seeks WordPress Website Development & Branding for New Offering

“Healing from betrayal is very different than healing from other types of life crises like the death of a loved one, a natural disaster, disease or a tragic accident,” says PhD candidate Debi Silber. “Those crises can involve an intense sense of loss, anguish, pain, and grief, but there are additional challenges when it comes to healing from the betrayal of a family member, partner or friend.”

After a nearly three decades building her reputation as a recognized health, lifestyle, personal development expert, author, and motivational speaker, Debi experienced what so many women have: personal betrayal. This experience has led her to conduct a study on how women experience betrayal and the potential it can hold for change, growth, and healing as part of her PhD program, and to the founding of The Post Betrayal Transformation™ Institute.

As her interest diverged from her lifestyle coaching efforts, she needed a new website for the PBT™ Institute. Needless to say, branding and messaging were the priority for her new site, along with personal appeal.

Deeply Personal Issues Require Transparency and Commitment from the Service Provider



Debi has extensive experience working with women’s personal issues yet, her new focus on helping women cope with betrayal required an even deeper level of commitment and transparency to overcome the impersonal nature of the internet.

Fresh imagery and a compelling message that displays her empathy and understanding of the pain points involved were necessary to reach her target audience.

In fact, the idea that healing from betrayal can lead to transformational changes for women is a powerful one which needed to be emphasized at her new website. That message is also being conveyed in the weekly newsletter we helped her put together, using ActiveCampaign.

We also helped Debi create an eCommerce site, offering nutritional support to cope with the stress of betrayal, along with Debi’s books.

Debi’s Positive Attitude and Supportive Nature are Critical to Her Success in All Areas of Her Life



Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

The WordPress Website Design packages we offer include basic website SEO upon launch. This includes organic SEO work for primary pages and existing blog posts. In addition, we include testing on mobile devices (we test against 80 device and browser types), advanced security measures, and training to manage the website: add new content, pics, blog posts, affiliate links, etc.

The professional yet personal look of the website we designed for Debi is a good match for the personalized appeal of the message she has to offer potential clients.

The NGNG Team were hired specifically for:

Meet Debi Silber, Founder PBT™ Institute

Debi Silber is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, Whole Health Coach, writer, speaker, Lifestyle Expert just for moms and busy mom of four. She’s known as “”The Mojo Coach”” because she inspires unfit, overweight and overwhelmed moms to get their mojo back!

Now, because of her own experiences with betrayal, she has sought a PhD program in Transpersonal Psychology (the psychology of transformation and human potential) and to conduct a study on how women experience betrayal and the potential it can hold for change, growth and healing.

“The study showed that healing from betrayal can lead to transformation. This type of healing is also very different than healing from other crises which led to a new term, Post Betrayal Transformation™ and (PBT™). The study also found that, while we’re all so different, we go through the same five stages from the moment we experience the shock of betrayal to the moment we feel healed.” – Debi Silber

Post Betrayal Transformation™ (PBT™) is the culmination of extensive research on the topics of betrayal, transformation, growth and healing, coupled with what the study revealed and discovered.

Download our complete service menu below for pricing or contact Amber for a complimentary 30-min call to discuss your project. We hope to hear from you!

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