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High Performance Coach Seeks Website Redesign & Rebranding

This is the story on how NGNG helped Certified High-Performance Coach Christina Ellis with website redesign & rebranding, plus an online marketing that works. (Thanks to a referral from the business education team at Mirasee!)

The goal for this project was to essentially mirror what our client does for her clients – create a high-performance atmosphere through which she can engage parents who wish to boost the performance of their children. To do this, we felt we had to create a more appealing, vibrant feeling to the website than what her previous site offered.

High Performance Website



With mere seconds to make a first impression, improved graphics and eye-catching imagery, combined with a clearer message, were important for improving the image of the website.

We wanted to add some personality to the images being used, while also showing the diversity of the audience Christina is targeting. This would help to create an identifiable brand in which teens are the focus, yet visitors to the website will understand that she works with young people from all sorts of backgrounds.

Focused Diversity of the Target Audience Clarifies Her Brand



Descriptive and compelling content is requisite to making an impression in the impersonal world of the internet. This is even more important when working with families and coaching the young leaders of tomorrow.

Social proof continues to be an important aspect of online marketing, with testimonials and praise from satisfied clients holding a prominent place on her website.

Introducing Christina puts a face to the personality, as well as a personality to the face. The message is no longer impersonal – but very personal, and far more appealing.

Clear and Compelling Copy Brings Clarity of Message




Social media is also important, so we created new Facebook covers for Christina to use as she develops her FB Page.


Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

All of our WordPress Website Design packages include website SEO upon launch. This includes organic SEO work for primary pages and posts. Doing this enables Christina (and other clients) to more accurately reach her target audience.

The high-performance look of the website we designed for her is a good match for the message Christina offers to young people and their parents.

We were hired specifically for:

Meet Christina Ellis, Certified High-Performance Coach & Business Coach

Christina Ellis is a Certified Executive and Business Coach, and a Certified High-Performance Coach. She works with business owners and executives all over the world toward success in their business and their life. She has also worked with teens in several capacities from athletics coaching to teaching.

The High-Performance Teen program came about while working with entrepreneurs, as she began to see positive and negative traits become evident. That is where the idea formed to create a program that equips teens with the necessary leadership, functioning, and planning skills – BEFORE negative traits set in. Christina believes taking ownership of one’s life is key to success. With the High-Performance Teen Curriculum – teens’ success is limited only by their dreams.

Download our complete service menu below for pricing or contact Amber for a complimentary 30-min call to discuss your project. We hope to hear from you!

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