Living Authentically

I got a really loving message from a member of our community named Nikolina in response to the newsletter I shared about outlasting your competition.  In it, she asked a really important question that I want to share with you today. She wrote…“Maybe more the question of how to be authentic, and stay authentic, when you […]

Outlast Your Competition

Sometimes people ask me if it’s good or bad to “give away the farm.” Sometimes people hold back their greatness in marketing so their competitors don’t steal their hard-earned work. Sometimes people are so protective of their work, it never sees the light of day. My two cents? Outlasting your competition does NOT take working […]

Navigating Your Bandwidth

Sooo many awesome conversations were sparked from the message I shared with you about self-imposed deadlines last Tuesday (thank you!), and today I want to build on that momentum by talking about another thing that keeps coming up in my coaching calls — Navigating your bandwidth.  This is a hot topic for us entrepreneurs! We’re […]

Mastering Deadlines: Achieve More Without the Stress!

Have you ever given yourself a deadline with the goal of preventing stress and keeping yourself on track…only for that self-imposed deadline to end up doing the exact opposite? This is something I’ve seen a LOT of in my coaching calls recently. 😬 Although we have the best of intentions, these deadlines sometimes lead us […]

Entering a New Season

It’s official… I’m no longer in my 30s. Saturday was my 40th birthday and boy, do I feel expansive. 🥳 There have been times in my life when I was sure I had it all figured out. 🤣 There have been times when I was just “going through it” (can you relate??). In those moments, […]

Sharing Multiple Messages

Have you ever felt like you were “supposed” to have only ONE message to share with the world? If you have, you’re not alone. The idea that you “should” have just one thing to say comes up aaall the time in my coaching and strategy calls… I think it’s time to challenge that idea. Entrepreneurs […]

Big Risks Mean Big Rewards

Over the last 4-6 weeks, we’ve been talking more and more about some really important topics, like… …And these are all part of the ongoing conversation that was sparked by the speech I gave at the Imaging USA conference back in January. Stepping into the Spotlight It’s really special for me that that speech has […]

Redefining the Power of Authenticity on Social Media

I just got another one. I was on a call with a client who said, “Amber, I hate social media… I don’t want to be an influencer… Do I have to make videos?” Yes. 🙂 But, this doesn’t have to be so painful. I promise! Beyond the Glam and Filters on Social Media We don’t […]

Podcast Promotion Dos & Don’ts

I have something I need to get off my chest concerning podcast promotion… When I see someone promote a podcast they’ve been featured on with a caption along the lines of: “I was so honored to be part of this podcast! Thank you sooo much for having me!!”, it doesn’t make me want to listen […]

Finding YOUR Best Method for Success

Speaking at live events, leading a mastermind, starting a community, offering consulting or 1:1 coaching, selling courses, hosting a podcast…there are SO many ways you can get your message out into the world. So how in the world can you figure out which method(s) are right for you?! This is a question that comes up […]

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