Are You Missing the Will to Execute Your Remarkable Ideas?

Seth Godin quoteThere’s no shortage of remarkable ideas … what’s missing is the will to execute them. Seth Godin said that and he was right.

This week’s keyword is: Resistance.

You’ve heard the first step is the hardest and it’s true.

I’m like you in that I have tasks on my to do list that have been haunting me for WEEKS. I feel so dumb each day I don’t do them, yet something stops me. It’s sometimes like walking through sludge to do certain tasks.

The problem continues to be that distractions are at an all time high (and will only get worse). These distractions cause a serious lack of focus.

Lack of focus breeds laziness, hesitation, second guessing and boredom.

I wish I could tell you some new innovative way to execute your ideas, but you really only have two options.

  1. You need to snap into awareness of this dis-ease, get focused and execute your ideas. The only way through it, is through it.
  2. You need an accountability partner and support to keep you on track (which is the role I play for my clients).

How I Can Support You

You are trying to get your ideas and messages out to the online world. And the competition is FIERCE.

Your prospects are making snap judgments. What do you need to stay on top of the competition? A great website, social media engagement, a sales funnel and content that connects with your followers on a personal level.

I study online trends, and test marketing ideas all day long so you don’t have to. Here are a handful of ways my team and I can support you to get where you want to go:

  • Coaching A 1-1 coaching call with me can go a long way in creating an action plan you may be needing to keep your business on track, and to help answer questions that are on your mind day-to-day.
  • Review/audit If you have an eBook, email announcement, product launch, sales page – anything that you’re putting out into the world and wondering if it’s any good, we can help by doing a thorough review and offering specific changes to improve your results.
  • Social MediaIf your profile pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ don’t have a customized profile image that matches your website then you could be missing a big opportunity – we can help design these graphics, and we can even post on your social media accounts on your behalf!
  • SEOWe can add keywords into your website to help you rank higher in Google and even help with in-depth keyword research which would offer you a specific content plan geared toward increasing your following.
  • Copywriting We can edit your content, review your content and offer suggestions to increase your conversion rates, or even write content for you (blogging, sales letters, landing pages, eBooks, video scripts).
  • Website work – If you are tired of your website look or need any higher level changes you can’t manage on your own, we’d be happy to help. There is no request big or small we can’t support you with.
  • Website security – If you have updates waiting to be made on your website, let us make a backup of your site, upgrade WordPress and plugins and review your settings to make sure your website is secure from hackers.

Click Here to contact me and request a copy of my no-obligation complete service menu for details and pricing.

For today, the choice is yours. Continue to resist, or march on and execute your ideas.

Believing in you,

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

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