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Protect your website from serious security threats with NGNG™’s WP Updates plans for less than 1/2 the price of competitor packages!

More than 30,000 webpages get hacked each DAY according to SophosLabs. 

A website usually faces over 170+ hack attempts EACH DAY.

WPBeginner says 83% of WordPress sites got hacked because regular software updates hadn’t been made.

The cost of  YOUR  website getting hacked

  • The cost for a developer to repair the damage ($300-$3,000 depending on the damage done).
  • Administrative costs in time spent dealing with the problem and likely migrating your website to a more secure location (which costs more).
  • The incalculable cost of not having a recent backup of your site, so you don’t have a clean version to restore.
  • Data loss (your content) is likely. Loss of confidence and gain of overwhelm: Guaranteed.
  • Loss of revenue in downtime (sites can be down for hours or days or weeks).

The #1 cause of your site getting hacked is outdated software, themes and plugins.

Don’t become another statistic… Secure your site with daily backups, daily security scans, and human-monitored software updates.

All you need is our
WP Updates service!

What is WP Updates?

Imagine this… every single day we make a complete backup of your website (most hosting companies don’t even offer this service)! In addition… run a comprehensive security scan on all of your core WordPress files, plugins and themes. As if that wasn’t enough… each week we will preform ALL security updates for your themes and plugins, plus make any core software release updates. Plus extra above-and-beyond goodies to give you peace of mind. 🙂

To be clear, this service cannot guarantee you will not get hacked, nor are we responsible/liable for data loss or any issues that result from a security breach. However, this service is designed to dramatically reduce your chances of getting hacked by keeping your website updated and backed up.

This is a month-to-month program with NO long-term commitments or cancellation fees. We also offer a 14-day complete money-back guarantee.

Why Do I Need Backups and Updates
Made on My Website?

LOGIC: You’ve invested a LOT of time, money and energy into getting that site up. Let’s be honest. Further, your website is the HUB and HEART of everything you do in your business online.

The better question is, “Why wouldn’t you want to protect your most important online asset?”

What do I need to do?

To get started, we will need to gain access to your current working WordPress admin login information and website hosting login information. (Don’t worry, security is our very highest priority of course, so your login information is safe with us).

Then, sit back, relax and know that this part of your business is handled. Party time!

Step 1

Place your order

Once you sign up, you’ll be immediately sent an email introduction to Shannon MacMillan, our Senior WordPress Developer and Security Manager.

Step 2

Connect with our Security Manager, Shannon.

To get started, Shannon will reach out to get your current site details (your secrets are safe with us)! She will then set your site up on our WP Updates platform, where she will make an initial backup and begin scanning and monitoring your site to keep it running in tip-top shape. 

Step 3

Sit back and relax.

We handle the rest each month you renew the Monthly WP Updates service. It’s that easy! (Don’t you love it when you have LESS to do?)

MEET shannon

Shannon is a senior software and WordPress developer who loves keeping sites tidy and secure. She’s written code for industry giants like Microsoft and Viacom, but prefers helping clients who bring more personal messages and business goals to the (digital) table. With 20+ years of experience in web development, Shannon maintains the security and longevity of all sites on NGNG’s care plans in addition to providing technical problem-solving and support for any current projects. Offline she enjoys large dogs, tea, forests, and spending more time away from screens than in front of them.
A person wearing a cap and glasses, slightly smiling, with a desert landscape behind.
Shannon MacMillan
Senior WordPress Developer and Security Manager

Still Not Convinced?

  • Security
    Just like having a locking mechanism or alarm on your car or home, just like having a password to protect your online banking accounts… the #1 reason to backup and update your website is to SECURE your website from malicious hack attacks that are happening DAILY on the web.
  • Compatibility
    The more you update your website, the more compatible your site will be with 3rd party integration like shopping carts, email opt-in functionality, funnel systems and more.
  • Performance
    Superboost the performance of your website by having the latest technology in place.
  • Fix the Bugs
    Themes and plugins can be created by any developer in the world. No one is perfect and these themes/plugins have bugs built into them by accident. These developers are constantly fine-tuning their code to make sure you don’t experience code conflicts. (But, you have to update your themes and plugins to get the bugs fixed.)
  • A Form of Insurance
    Most hosting companies don’t backup your website (ever). If your site gets hacked, or you make a change on your site that freezes the site, you’re out of luck. With DAILY backups made for you, you never have to worry about losing your website.

we have your back!

What Tasks Are Included
In This Package?

  • Daily backups of the entire site, stored in a secure account
  • Security scans of all site files / plugins / themes
  • Weekly security updates of all WordPress core releases, themes, and plugins
  • Backups made before and after site updates for easy, near instant rollback should something conflict
  • Premium security and anti-spam plugins installed and configured to secure the most common site loopholes from hackers
  • Peace-of-mind knowing a real, human software developer is monitoring your site daily and is only an email away should something get buggy
  • Monthly reports outlining every code update performed, every backup taken, and the results of every security scan for the previous 30 days

What is NOT included?

  • Updates to content, such as blog posts or page text / images, or loading products in your store
  • Additional design or functionality, such as sign-up forms or adding a new site section
  • Troubleshooting email issues that may or may not be related to your site

These services (and more!) are fully available for you, just not as a part of this package. Contact Amber Vilhauer if you have additions or other updates in mind for your website and we will be glad to support you!

How long do I have to commit to the service?

There is no forced commitment! (Don’t you love that?) This is an EASY, flexible, month-to-month option for business owners who don’t have the time or desire to make their own daily backups and weekly updates… but who knows it needs to get done, and get done the RIGHT way.


(…and save more than 50% off comparable competitor packages!)

It’s Time to Take this Item Off Your To-Do List!

Get started today and our Security Manager Shannon will immediately start your daily website backups and weekly updates.

One site

Monthly WP Updates


  • Daily backups of the entire site
  • eagle-white-sm
    Weekly security scans
  • eagle-white-sm
    Backups made before & after updates, with the ability to roll-back the site within moments with conflicts occur
  • eagle-white-sm
    90 days of backups stored in a secure cloud vault
  • eagle-white-sm
    Weekly security, core, and plugin updates
  • eagle-white-sm
    2 free hours + 1/2 off clean-up rate if bugs, conflicts, or malicious code is found
  • eagle-white-sm
    Premium security and anti-spam plugins installed
  • eagle-white-sm
    Monthly email reports detailing all updates performed, the results of all security scans, and any additional patches applied for the previous 30 days

Up To 3 sites

Monthly WP Updates


  • Daily backups of the entire site
  • Weekly security scans
  • Backups made before & after updates
  • Weekly security updates
  • 2 free hours + 1/2 off clean-up rate if malicious code is found
  • Premium security plugin installed

Up To 5 sites

Monthly WP Updates


  • eagle-white-sm
    Daily backups of the entire site
  • eagle-white-sm
    Weekly security scans
  • eagle-white-sm
    Backups made before & after updates
  • eagle-white-sm
    Weekly security updates
  • eagle-white-sm
    2 free hours + 1/2 off clean-up rate if malicious code is found
  • eagle-white-sm
    Premium security plugin installed

Need protection for more sites?

Contact Amber Vilhauer, and we will create a personalized package for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Our Terms of Service page.

WP Engine and other premium web hosts offers daily backups , and automated standard WordPress core software and plugin updates. However, even routine code updates can cause conflicts or bugs, and most web hosts do not provide the support to troubleshoot and fix problems that arise from these normal maintenance tasks. With WP Updates, you get the personalized support of a Senior WordPress developer overseeing all updates and making sure things on your site continue to run smoothly. 
WP Engine also highly recommends a second backup option beyond their built-in backups (hey, you can never be too careful! lol), and also the use of security plugins overall. We LOVE WP Engine for their backup system and update abilities, but service is more robust, personalized, and can handle your needs beyond what WP Engine can offer.

Yes, of course! We want you to be as confident as we are, and our existing customers are, that you will love our service. But just in case you have any lingering doubts, we want to make your decision foolproof. If at anytime in the first 14 days of service you are not completely satisfied, you can contact your account manager or submit a request to our team at [email protected] and we will promptly refund your first month’s investment.

Unfortunately, hackers are awful gremlin-like people and bots who are very skilled at what they do. Yes, your website could still get hacked (I mean, come on, government sites are even getting hacked and they have the highest levels of security!). That said, your chances of getting hacked are FAR less when you make regular updates. According to WPBeginner, 83% of hacked WordPress sites hadn’t been updated. Plus, we offer daily backups of your website so in the event your site does get hacked, we can revert back to a previous version. If your site gets hacked while you are a customer of this program, there is NO charge for up to two hours of cleaning and re-securing the site (competitors don’t even offer this!), and a reduced hourly rate of $100/hr if the cleanup takes more than 2 hours (clients not on this maintenance plan are billed at $200/hr).

Nope! You may cancel the service at anytime. You are responsible for cancelling service prior to your next billing period. All requests to cancel must be made by contacting your account manager or emailing [email protected] with your reason for cancellation. If you cancel mid-cycle, we will continue our upgrade service for the duration of that monthly cycle; however, we will not provide pro-rated refunds. Once that month’s cycle ends, no further invoices nor upgrades and backups will be made for subsequent months.

Sorry, but no. We DO offer packages that allow us to make any change you want to your website (design changes, website content changes, addition of optin boxes / landing pages / sales pages, setting up funnels, adding video / audio / images, and so forth). To inquire about these packages, in addition to your Monthly WP Updates package, contact your account manager or click here.

“Amber is an extraordinary business owner. Her team has provided exceptional work. She is a pleasure to work with and what I love most is how quick she is to respond. I highly, highly, highly recommend her and her team!”
– Susan Vernicek
“Amber is the “Go-To” person when I recommend a WordPress website developer. Every client I have sent her way has praised her excellent work and expertise and her dedication to excellence. She is the number one person I recommend in every instance.”
– Nick Zelinger

Get instant access to our pricing menu! Have all the details in FULL TRANSPARENCY so you know what to expect without any surprises. We believe a successful partnership starts at the very beginning with integrity, trust, and communication.

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