Women’s Life Coach Seeks Help to Expand Online Marketing Efforts

With products and services to offer beyond her hypnotherapy practice, Mary Guay was searching for a team to help her build a second website that would enable her to increase her online marketing presence. Thanks to a referral from the business building team at Mirasee, Mary got in touch with Amber and the NGNG team began to get to work on her behalf.

Along with some strategic coaching from Amber, we asked Mary to jump in with both feet and get a professional photo shoot, as well as making some new videos to make her message more personal. We’ve gotten Mary to begin blogging regularly – which is a great way to attract the attention of the search engines and boost traffic.

Amber is also working with her to develop a new Funnel Campaign.

Expanding Services from Therapy to Life Coaching Needs a Fresh Approach for www.maryguay-lifecoach.com


A fresh new look with contrasting colors was one step we implemented to help Mary catch and keep the interest of visitors to her new life coaching website. Beyond this, we helped her put together a list building program using MailChimp. To help with that, we also designed her new eBook cover.

Mary has a brand-new video on her Home page, where she introduces herself and explains how she helps women find and connect with who they really are; making space for “Me” in their lives.

With such a personal message – centered around doing things for themselves instead of always focusing on others – we knew we had to make Mary approachable and personable. The appealing images, colors, and message all contribute to achieving this goal, giving her new website a relaxing and reassuring feeling.

Colors and Images Must Match the Message of Support and Encouragement




Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

Because we offer website SEO as a feature of our custom website design and branding services, Mary now has the ablity to more effectively reach her target audience by appealing to the search engines. Her blogging only enhances this tactic.

We also provided her with basic email list building support using MailChimp, and have worked with her on a more strategic approach to her online marketing efforts.

Now, with her second website focused on life coaching for women, Mary has expanded her online presence, adding to her reputation as a hypnotherapist.

We were hired specifically for:

Meet Mary Guay, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach for Women

Mary Guay has spent the past 26 years working to help women create satisfying and fulfilling lives, enabling and empowering them to feel valued and appreciated. Knowing that it really is possible to make choices in life that bring love and joy into their daily existence, instead of giving up and collapsing in despair, Mary works hard to help her clients learn to be excited to get up in the morning and get going with their lives!

“I’m humbled and honored to witness how women’s lives change when they start valuing themselves and stop living a life of self-sacrifice.” – Mary Guay

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