Content Creation for Coaches – Building Personal Connections

A client recently asked me about her content marketing strategy, wondering what she should include in her blog posts and newsletters. She also wanted to understand more clearly what the difference is between the two. Now, she’s a coach who deals with women’s leadership issues who would like to sell more of her workshops. (Wouldn’t we all!)

Regardless of your niche, the most important suggestion I can give you it this – when you create content for your audience, you must offer VALUE. Here’s what I mean…

Blogging for coaches

The best way to think about your blog is that it is a […]

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Online Entrepreneurs: Get Out of Your Own Way!

“Get out of your own way! Stop the paralysis by analysis…dream your dream, then wake up and bring it to life!” Dr. Steve Maraboli said that and you and I both know he was right!

What really stops us from doing what we know we need to do – or, heck, even what we want to do?

We analyze things to death, we get distracted, our Inner Critic pops up, we feel fearful, we make excuses, we delay…. you know the story well.

When is the last time you felt like you REALLY took advantage of a full work day?

When is the last […]

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Freshbooks: The Best Program to Manage Invoices, Accounting and Reporting for Online Entrepreneurs and Coaches

I’ll never forget the moment I first learned about Freshbooks (accounting made for the non-accountant). I was reading an article from my iPhone on and was immediately inspired to check out what the fuss was about.

Freshbooks cloud accounting has become a dream come true for more than 5 million customers in 120 countries – myself included!

Why Freshbooks ROCKS

As an online entrepreneur, I have a lot going on (services, coaching clients, products, programs, affiliate marketing etc).

I struggled in two areas as my business grew.

Client billing. My biggest headache was client billing for […]

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Not Feeling Motivated? These 5 Tips Will get You Going Again!

Not feeling motivated? This is suuuper normal especially for entrepreneurs because we have to get really good at self-motivation – no one else is there (like a boss) to encourage you.

First it helps to know “what” motivates you. Just be aware when you are most excited. For example, if other people talking about their goals and supporting you offer huge motivation then you’ll thrive in a group coaching or mastermind environment. If you are motivated by empowering others then you’ll know that if you write more blog posts, or share more empowering things on social media, you’ll be more motivated to […]

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