Not Feeling Motivated? These 5 Tips Will get You Going Again!

5 Tips to Feel MotivatedNot feeling motivated? This is suuuper normal especially for entrepreneurs because we have to get really good at self-motivation – no one else is there (like a boss) to encourage you.

  1. First it helps to know “what” motivates you. Just be aware when you are most excited. For example, if other people talking about their goals and supporting you offer huge motivation then you’ll thrive in a group coaching or mastermind environment. If you are motivated by empowering others then you’ll know that if you write more blog posts, or share more empowering things on social media, you’ll be more motivated to get those results and thereby do more of what you need to do to get it.
  2. If you’re not motivated, pull out your “why” video. This means, you need to create a why video where you pour your heart out telling the camera why you want to build your business (or workout, or keep your relationship alive – whatever it is). When you’re lacking motivation, nothing will kick you in the pants then you watching yourself rooting you on.
  3. Try to avoid burnout. As entrepreneurs, we get ideas, we get excited and run 100mph toward them. But then we get tired (duh, who wouldn’t with a shot gun approach), and then we crash. Then we beat ourselves up for not doing more. Then we do even less. Then we have to start that momentum all over again. Know that you’re in it to win it – long-term. So make a schedule that you can stick to and realize that if you just follow that schedule, you’ll meet your goals in perfect time (without the stop and go approach along the way).
  4. Celebrate your small wins. We think we need to have massive results to celebrate or feel good about ourselves. If we only feel great about the big accomplishments then we won’t feel great very often. Get excited about the small stuff – posting a blog post, writing a chapter of a book etc. This will carry you through the times in between those spikes in results.
  5. Surround yourself with people that motivate you (in a good way). Meaning people who excite you to take action (NOT those that make you feel bad so you take action out of a negative place). Ask them to motivate you when you’re feeling sluggish or not good enough.

The reality is you have ALL the tools to be motivated and hugely successful. We hold ourselves back – but it’s VERY natural. That’s why learning how to manage your mindset is SO critical.

You got ‘dis! 😀

What helps you stay motivated? Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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