“I Ran Out of Things to Write About on My Blog!”

Sound familiar? Today I have 3 quick tips to get you back on your feet and writing again.

This is a common thought among bloggers and writers who have had a blog or website over 6 months. See below for my hit list of ideas to get you fueled so you can go back to inspiring and impacting your followers…

Tip #1:

Search what questions people in your industry need answers to. Yahoo Answers is a huge community of web users that post questions and answers. Anyone can do it – it’s easy!! Go to http://answers.yahoo.com/ click on the “Browse Categories” tab, find the category closest to your industry and find TONS of questions.

How can this help you? Knowing what your audience needs is one of the biggest keys to writing success. Especially with how quickly we can get the answers we are looking for, you have tons of competition out there. By going to Yahoo Answers, you should at least get a few ideas for what you can write about. Then, before you know it, your writer’s block will disappear!

Tip #2:

Use Google. Go to Google.com and spend 10 minutes typing in different top keywords related to your industry. So, for example, if I was writing about Gardening, I could Google “Gardening Ideas 2010”, “New Gardening Tools”, “Unique Fruits and Vegetables to Plant” etc. This would bring up hundreds of thousands of articles, blogs and websites that you can scan for hot ideas.

You are stealing ideas here. You are brainstorming. But instead of me sitting in front of you and asking questions to though jog you, you are letting Google help get you going. Take combinations of keywords, pick one, and write about it. Then have a few left over for another day you don’t know what to write about.

Tip #3:

Send a quick email to your following, friends and/or family. Tell them that you are hoping for replies with their most burning question about “Gardening”, for example. Let them know you want to make sure they are getting all their questions answered and you want this month to be all about the visitors of your site.

You should be getting at least a few replies, maybe upwards of a few dozen depending on your list size. Now you have writing topics for several weeks!

That should be more than enough to get you over the hump the next time you are unsure of what you should write about. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about what your audience needs.

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