What Do Entrepreneurs and Olympic Athletes Have in Common?

Last night I watched as incredible men and women athletes skated down a mountain wall of ice or boarded up one. World athlete leader after another, I began to find the common denominators. They all felt overwhelmed with guilt and disappointment when they lost, they all showed a combo look of fear and confidence before they started, and they all…gave it their all.

I was sitting on the floor looking up at the TV thinking, “Man that’s impressive. I can’t even image the feeling, knowing you are the best in the world at what you do.” Then my thoughts took a different direction… “There are extremely impressive, hardworking men and women entrepreneurs or employees all over the place!”

You all come up with ideas, dreams and visions – each Olympic athlete started with a dream. You go out and find the funding, hire the best and fight the good fight – each Olympic athlete finds a coach, has a steady training and health regimen, they too fight the good fight. You, like some of the top Olympic athletes in the world, face your business with fierce confidence (even if you have to fake it from time to time). You too beat yourself up when you fail or make a mistake. You could be the “Olympic Best” in your industry – if not now, someday soon. Think about that for a moment…

How would you approach your business if you carried the mentality that you are an Olympic Best in your industry? How would you go about advertising, marketing and selling? Who would you hire to be on your team, no matter what the cost?

How would you move forward starting today?

Allow that to resonate with you for a while. Find a way to approach your business the way you always wanted. Accept your challenges and doubts, then move past them with that fierce confidence.

I’d really enjoy hearing the challenges you currently face. Take a moment and make a blog comment below. Let’s see what happens next!

One thought on “What Do Entrepreneurs and Olympic Athletes Have in Common?

  1. Deb

    Go Olympics! I love watching the games. I’m finding motivation that I was lacking in January. My biggest challenge is handling all those little distractions that pop up throughout the day. I guess you just work through them? Good luck to you Amber!

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