Writing Coach Seeks Help with Branding & WordPress Website Development

Mary Yamin-Garone was recently inspired and energized to redesign her website, hoping to make it a better reflection of the quality and care she puts towards her clients. Thanks to a referral from the coaching team headed up by Carolin Soldo, Mary and Amber began to work on developing a beautiful, powerful new website devoted to her writing coach business.

It was time for a new look, new strategies, and fresh branding to help Mary reach her target audience: emerging authors and professional writers who were looking to develop and enhance their own skill set. After all, when one remembers that you have mere seconds to grasp and hold the attention of visitors to your website, it becomes clear that first impressions are critical to grasping and holding their attention, as well as encouraging them to navigate your website.

Time to Make a Better First Impression at www.theysonewriting.com


Gone are the days where a minimalist, anything-will-do approach to website development can sustain a coaching business. An accomplished writer in her own right, the NGNG team sought to bring sophistication and professionalism to bear, in ways that would reflect those same qualities on Mary’s work as a writing coach.

The NGNG team immediately began rebranding Mary and her services, asked her to make some videos, put in place a new list building program, worked on monetization and marketing strategies, and helped her restructure her writing coach services. We also built a new sales page where she could feature her innovative writing program for book authors.

Sophisticated and Professional Were the Look We Sought for Mary’s New Website




Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

Because we offer website SEO as a feature of our custom website design and branding services, Mary now has the ablity to more effectively reach her target audience by appealing to the search engines. Her blogging only enhances this tactic.

We also provided her with basic email list building support using MailChimp, and have worked with her on a more strategic approach to her online marketing efforts.

We were hired specifically for:

Meet Mary Yamin-Garone, Award-winning Writer, Editor, Coach

A writer since she was 10 years old, Mary Yamin-Garone fell in love with the written word thanks to her parents: her father was an editor for one of the local newspapers and her mother wrote poetry. Needless to say, she believes that, “Writing was in my DNA”.

Today, Mary is the President and CEO of The Ys One Writing Service. In 35 years of working as a professional writer, she has seen every facet of the writing world: as the featured guest writing expert on a weekly radio talk show, the recipient of numerous writing and editing awards and accolades, and the coach and editor for several best-selling authors.

She has also built one of the most supportive online communities for writers, where members daily experience “The Write Way.”

This year, Mary launched her new coaching program for authors, Write Your Best-Selling Book. It’s not your typical coaching program. Rather, Mary uses her vast experience to show fledgling authors how to put their fears and insecurities aside, so they can turn their most important life experiences, knowledge, and wisdom into a best-selling book. Click here to learn more about Writing Coach Mary Yamin-Garone.

Download the complete NGNG Service Menu below for pricing or contact Amber for a complimentary 30-min call to discuss your project. We hope to hear from you!

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