Latest WordPress Website Development Project for New to Online Teaching Website

When the client brings us an entirely new approach to an established niche, the responsibility is substantial. This is what happened when Carolyn Williams, thanks to a referral from the business education team at Mirasee, asked us to develop her new WordPress website.

Of course, such a challenge really gets our creative juices flowing, enabling us to bring all our experience and expertise to bear.

Offering a New Approach to Teaching Adults Online


Carolyn Williams is a PhD who coaches adult educators in the design and development of courses and active learning strategies that apply andragogical concepts – the art and science of adult learning – as it applies to teaching online.

While she has taught adults in both academia and the corporate world in the online and traditional environments for 30 years, she has come to believe that learning in an online environment will soon become the norm, rather than the exception. With that in mind, she decided to offer her expertise to educators in an online environment – creating as her chosen vehicle for doing so.

Following an initial consultation with Amber, and the afore mentioned referral, she chose NGNG to help her design and develop the website she needed to present her message, her products and services, and newly bestselling book.

A New Website Presents a New Type of Education for Teaching Professionals


While online learning offers a variety of possibilities, the challenges are numerous: keeping students engaged and focused when they can work on their own schedule is not the least of these. Teaching educators how to overcome the problems inherent in such an environment is critical.

It was our job to help Carolyn get this message across in a compelling fashion.

Doing this requires answering the question, “What’s in it for me?” Or, in this case, “Who is it for?”

A Benefits-Based Message for the Target Audience


Since Carolyn offers a variety of programs for online educators, from one-on-one to group coaching; from boot camps and workshops to an extended 5-week program, we had to help her clearly define each while targeting them to her audience.

By creating an eye-catching logo design, and using a variety of graphics and imagery, we believe we’ve given her audience a reason to remain onsite and discover her unique approach to teaching online.

Compelling Graphics and Imagery Keep the Target Audience Engaged and Curious



Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

By offering website SEO along with our custom website design and branding services, Carolyn is able to more accurately reach her target audience. Her new Home, About, and Services copy, created using optimized website copywriting, the message is being sent that Carolyn’s approach to online education offers something uniquely effective.

Add to that the professional look of the website we designed and built for her, and Carolyn is very pleased with the results.

We were hired specifically for:

Meet Carolyn Williams, PhD, Executive Coach & Mentor

Carolyn Williams, PhD, coaches adult educators in the design and development of courses including comprehensive syllabi, building and managing communities of inquiry, and active learning strategies that apply andragogical concepts. She is an expert in andragogy, the art and science of adult learning, as it applies to teaching online.

She has created several online, blended, and traditional courses and revised the curriculum of several course offerings for online and blended delivery.

Carolyn has been teaching adults in both academia and the corporate world since the mid-80s. She applies active learning strategies as well as adult learning theory, principles, and best practices as part of her learning activities to engage learners. She is adept at building and managing communities of inquiry that promote critical thinking and collaboration that assist in developing a learner’s ability to think critically, become self-directed, and reach transformative learning.

The result is reduced time spent in and out of the course room and increased quality of life for online educators.

Download our complete service menu below for pricing or contact Amber for a complimentary 30-min call to discuss your project. We hope to hear from you!

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