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Jon Schumacher Highly Recommends This Marketing System

Whether you’re just starting to build your business or have already established yourself as a highly-respected influencer, your content marketing plan is key to your success.

As a business owner at any stage of the game, you need a powerful and strategic marketing system that grows your audience, drives more website traffic and expands your online presence. The challenge you face is finding the time to implement such a system. How do you develop and implement a plan (one that actually works!) when you need to be spending most of your time focusing on high-level areas of your business like lead generation, joint ventures and any other thing that will enable you to uplevel? It’s impossible, right? Guess what? It’s not only possible, but easy to do – with the right support.

Respected influencer Jon Schumacher gained back an additional 4-5 hours per week!

Jon Schumacher is someone you need to know. He’s a webinar coach and online marketing consultant who has coached clients to earn millions of sales dollars. He is also the founder of Marketing Mastery Media Inc., a digital marketing agency that focuses on building both live and automated webinar funnels for coaches, consultants and other agencies. As the host of the Webinar Mastery Summit, Jon has hosted more than 300 webinars in the last 4 years! He has been featured or mentioned in large publications such as the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Fox News and the Good Men Project.


Jon was facing the challenge of not having enough time to implement an effective content marketing process that would really grow his online presence and uplevel his business. He wanted to find a way to repurpose his content across his social networks and on his website. That’s when he found Leverage To Scale.

Leverage To Scale could be the solution you need.

I’d like to introduce you to Leverage To Scale – a highly-effective marketing training and support system designed for business owners as a powerful way to grow your audience while delegating weekly marketing tasks to a team member.

Following the proven laws of content marketing (consistently publish weekly value-added content to quickly and organically grow your following), this incredibly efficient and highly-leveraged marketing system takes care of ALL weekly baseline marketing activities including:

  • Keyword research to maximize client exposure through Google’s and YouTube’s search engines
  • Uploading & optimizing weekly tip videos to YouTube for optimal conversion and exposure opportunities
  • Writing & publishing blog posts including calls to action and SEO optimization
  • Hand-crafting 40 personalized posts in your voice for all major social networking platforms
  • Sending a nurturing email to your subscribers with offers to help monetize and grow profits
  • Gathering the top business metrics and sending a summary report each week to track results with ease

Think about the amount of time you would get back each week if all of these key tasks were managed by an experienced and reliable Virtual Assistant! How would you spend those additional hours? How much faster could you grow and monetize your business?

You’re probably wondering, “Well, what would that leave me to do? I’d have to be spending some time on my marketing.”

It’s the right question to ask, and I think you’ll love the answer.

You create ONE simple weekly tip video!

When you join Leverage To Scale, you and your Virtual Assistant (we’ll match you with one if needed!) gain access to our training and implementation portal. This is where detailed, step-by-step training is provided, so you’ll know exactly how to best develop tip videos that your VA then leverages to execute those key weekly marketing activities mentioned above.

Many of our LTS business owners prefer to record videos in batches, allowing them to pass the videos to their VAs and not have to think about them again for weeks!

What’s truly incredible is that your VA quickly learns how to think and act like an advanced internet marketer. Because they are provided with step-by-step instruction, training videos and the latest resources, they will learn how to repurpose your videos in a way that builds your exposure across all major online marketing channels, drive traffic to your website and invite people to join your email list in order to nurture leads and convert them into paying customers.

Do you agree that it’s time to implement this highly-efficient online marketing training & support system that will grow your audience, free up your time and attract paying customers? Hop over now to check out your free 13-minute demo. Then, schedule a complimentary no-obligation, solution-oriented call with me so we can talk about how Leverage To Scale could work in your business.

How Leverage To Scale is changing the game.

Once Jon was up and running with Leverage To Scale, he was able to work with an experienced VA who handled the majority of his content marketing while he could put his focus on video creation. Jon now creates a batch of marketing videos every 8 weeks or so – and that’s all he has to do! This process has resulted in Jon getting so much time back each week, that he’s now able to focus on high-level projects that really serve to grow his business.

Listen to what Jon has to say about Leverage To Scale and how it has been a game-changer for his business:

Chances are, you find yourself relating to Jon:

I was looking for a way to get my content marketing to reach more people on more networks. I just didn’t have the time to get consistently present.

If you need to stop spinning and start gaining traction and momentum with your content marketing, think about how Leverage To Scale is impacting Jon’s business – right down to his weekly schedule:

I now have a VA who is taking care of all my content marketing. All of this is saving me probably 4-5 hours a week where I can focus on other things like lead generation, partnerships, sales calls and things that really move the needle in my business.

As Jon Schumacher says himself:

If you’re looking to gain more visibility, get more web traffic and be visible to more people, I highly recommend that you strongly consider taking a look at Leverage To Scale.

I hope that, by now, you’re thinking this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. But I know that it’s sometimes best to actually see it for yourself. That’s why I’m inviting you to experience a free 13-minute demo of the Leverage To Scale system.

If you want to have FAR more control over your time, make a much bigger impact in your market and make more money long-term, Leverage To Scale might be the perfect solution!

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