“Debrief To Win” Book: Learn How To Be An Effective Leader, Lead Like a “Top Gun”

Today I am excited to share my experience of a recently launched leadership book that’s had a strong impact on me, and therefore my company.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure and honor of getting to know Robert Teschner in recent months (… nicknamed “Cujo” by his fellow Top Gun pilots) and I was grateful to get an advance copy of his leadership book Debrief to Win.

In simple terms, the book outlines how to be an effective leader, as taught by the best of the best in the US Air Force.

In this video, Robert tells you everything you need to know:

My Experience of Operating a Business

best-leadership-skillsFirst, I need to express just how impactful this book has already been to my business. Running a business is really challenging. I’ve owned and operated mine for 11 years now and, the thing is, there’s nobody really sitting around telling me what to do, how to do it, and how to win.

I’ve been fortunate that we’ve experienced growth year after year but, sometimes, that has been at the expense of my mental wellbeing. There’ve been a lot of stressful obstacles and challenges along the way, and I’m only guessing you can relate to that.

When you’re owning and operating a business, you are constantly putting out fires and managing new challenges. You don’t always take the time to sit down and properly assess what is really happening; what your patterns were that led to success and what your patterns were that led to more challenges.

I can tell you that after reading Robert’s book I’m far more mindful of the reasons for our successes (…and for our disappointments).

Mindset Shift + Actionable Steps = Results!

In his book, Rob explains “the debriefing process” used by our military leaders to process mission success and mission failure for better results, moving forward. He also outlines how you can use this same process in your own life or business to improve your odds of success.

This book is so well-written, so informative, and so engaging, it held my interest and kept me engaged. I loved the combination of mindset shifts and actionable steps that the best leaders use to enhance their leadership skills and build high performance teams.

Implementing a Debrief Process

In fact, after reading Rob’s book, I went out and immediately implemented a debrief process in my organization. What’s even more exciting is, we saw an immediate shift in our team’s behavior (as well as my behavior). It created more harmony with organizational things that I didn’t even realize were problematic.

If anything, it gave us such a positive experience where we were able to openly communicate and see the pattern that led to more wins. My enthusiasm had to be documented in this video even:

For anyone who owns a business, you are really missing a fantastic opportunity if you don’t buy Debrief to Win right now.

Read the first chapter and implement the debrief in your business because, unlike most leadership books that talk about large concepts – and maybe you’ll get it, maybe you won’t – the steps Rob describes for how to be an effective leader are actionable and will lead to immediate results!

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