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How often should I send an email to my list and touch base so they don’t forget about me?



I think you should touch base with your following at least once a month. Remember, they WANT to hear from you – that’s why they signed up for your email list. They felt like you had solutions to their problems. If you don’t email them, that’s not keep your end of the bargain.

Once a month is great if you don’t have a lot to report. Maybe you’ll showcase a couple awesome blog posts you published that month, challenge your audience, promote an upcoming teleseminar you’re running.

Give your audience VALUE! Don’t just email them to email them. Make sure it’s good or you’ll just get a bunch of unsubscribes and that defeats the purpose.

As you build momentum in your business and you have more to share, grow to a bi-weekly email. Maybe you’ll get to the point where a weekly email is ideal (great for very active blogging websites).

The best way to move forward is to set a hard date on your calendar. For example, if you are doing a once-a-month’r, pick the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday in each month. Let your following rely on getting that email each month on that same day. That gives you an entire month to write the content and prepare this email. Schedule it to send in advance if you want to avoid writer’s block and panic.

Yes, you want to keep to this schedule EVEN IF you are brand new and have 2 subscribers. They are just as valuable (if not MORE valuable because they are the first to believe in you!!) as if you have 5,000 on your list.

Email marketing is an important aspect of your business so it’s one to pay attention to! It’s your #1 online asset. So make it a 2-way relationship. They showed signs of trust and faith my subscribing, now it’s your turn to deliver.

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