Do you LOVE what you do everyday at work?? If not…

Do you LOVE what you do everyday at work?? If not, it’s seriously time to evaluate why and make an action plan to create a working environment that gets you fired up to show up on time, be super productive and grow your business.

love-your-workIf I notice a pattern of unhappiness at work — maybe I get stressed every time I talk to a certain client or do a certain task — as soon as I am aware of it I evaluate if that “thing” is really necessary. If it’s a client that just rattles my cage then I either try to alter our communication to make it more enjoyable, or I will politely and professionally let that client go. If it is a task that rattles my cage, I consider if someone else on my team may enjoy the task or if I can alter it to make it more enjoyable.

The point is, it is never worth the expended energy, the stress and after-effects to keep that client or project on your plate. There is always a solution and what you may find an awful situation may be someone else’s goldmine.

So today, I invite you to be aware throughout the day and notice what rocks your boat – then dream up alternatives to feel better about it or hire someone else to do the job.

You deserve to be happy and healthy and successful!

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