An Email Marketing Approach You May Want to Avoid

I have a great tip to share with you today that you can keep in your back pocket.

I recently got an email blast from someone, and a classic mistake was made in the opening line.

“Hello there! I know it’s been many months since you’ve heard from me, but 2015 was quite a year!…”

Can you identify what she should have done differently?

You may be thinking, “She didn’t add your first name and kept it generalized?”  Yes, you DO want to add the person’s first name in your opening.  This makes people feel like you’re emailing them personally.  However, in this case, it’s not the greater concern.

In the body of the emails I send, I always try to avoid saying things that make it feel like I’m marketing to a group of people. Instead, I always say “you should consider this,” or “do this on your next blog post,” etc.

Here’s the biggie.

What I don’t recommend is the way she wrote, “it’s been many months since you’ve heard from me…”

This is why.  That phrase wakes me up to the fact that she’s likely scattered, not focused and not consistent in her business. If that’s true, I lose a lot of confidence in hiring her.

So what was my first inclination? Yep, I went to unsubscribe.

There are SO many “experts” and SO much content being thrown around online – and my time, like yours, is VERY limited. Therefore, I only want to follow those experts who really have their stuff together.

I believe that if I follow greatness, greatness will inevitably happen for me.

Our standards need to be higher. As leaders and entrepreneurs, the standards you set for yourself need to be higher.

All that said…. we’ve all been there where life happened and we missed newsletters and blog posts and lots of things we’d intended to do (right?).

My advice?

Pick up where you left off, and do NOT call attention to the fact that you took a break. No one needs you to justify your absence. They just need pure value and help that comes from a place of giving (not taking).

So, like I said, this is just a little tip to store in your back pocket for when the time may come.

What say you? Do you agree or disagree about this approach? Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section.

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Amber Vilhauer

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