Taking a Stand: Deciding to Be Whole, Happy and Healthy


Do you find yourself “searching” for that missing link in your life? The one that will bring all parts of yourself together and long at last, you’d feel whole and happy? I’m here to tell you that you are closer than you think.

I am an individual, strong woman who thrives on growing into the best version of myself, playing big and living my best life. We only get one shot on this Earth (that we know of, wink) and I know I want to live life fully. Who can relate?

I struggled to find myself even at the young age of 12. I had intentions to grow spiritually far beyond my peers. Deep down I felt like I was destined for greatness, but I was so far off the map from that point and I had no clue how to find my way.

Day by day, struggle by struggle, I focused on making positive decisions in my life. Anytime I was faced with a decision I would ask myself, “Is this going to get me closer to or further away from my goal?” What was my goal? To be my greatest whole, happy and healthy self. It could have been whether or not to go have a drink with friends, whether or not to hit that deadline, whether or not to go to the gym – any decision made me evaluate the direction I was heading in.

I’m human which means I sometimes made a decision that I knew would take me further from my goals! But, the key, is that it was a conscious decision.

Inch by inch I was making progress. By 16 I made the decision to no longer lie (after years of being grounded and trying to find my boundaries in relationships). By 19, partying to an unnecessary level was out of my system. By 22, I learned my limiting belief – that I actually believed I “wasn’t good enough” in relationship, work, anything really – and decided to destroy that belief because it was taking me away from my goal of living a whole, happy and healthy life. Ever since then I have felt like a rocket bursting through the sky, growing both personally and professionally, not backing down to a challenge or an opportunity, making conscious decisions to live my best life. By 29 I realized my sneaky Inner Critic was holding me back from the last strands of, what-felt-like, “weakness” I had.

This year I took a cold hard look at my Inner Critic. I studied the way it had shown up in my life, I accepted that it may always be in my life, and I came up with a strategy to prove my Inner Critic wrong and give away its power. This led to me taking a stand in my own life and deciding I was finally ready to achieve my goal. I was close and had been for a couple years. But now, I was ready to hit it.

It’s always a surprise to me that it all comes down to a readiness, a decision to just feel or be a certain way. It doesn’t take wining the lottery, a grand gesture, overcoming enormous obstacles. It just takes a single decision and all of a sudden, the shift has occurred.

After taking this stand in my life, and facing my final fear/weakness, I have been feeling this intense positive energy inside. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Even the coaching clients I’ve talked to on the phone have commented how I just sound different, in a good way.  I feel it. I know they are right.

My invitation for you is to take a good, HARD look at yourself. Find out where you are on your journey to living a whole, happy and healthy life. Contemplate what it will take for you to get where you want to go. Realize that you are closer than you think. Appreciate yourself for your willingness to make this life be everything you want.

I honor you.

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