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Cringe in Disappointment or See the Opportunity?

I feel called to write this post to make you feel better…even though I’m personally cringing in disappointment!! (Or I did for a brief moment.)

Today, I spent ALL afternoon recording *hours* of video for the Authentic Leader Academy. The topics were very challenging to train on so it required a LOT of brain power and intricate setup.

At the end of a long day (feeling totally wiped, but super proud), I played the last video back…. only to find my Spotify radio had been on in the background through the WHOLE video. I didn’t hear it playing because when I record my speakers are on mute. So while I didn’t hear the music, it was picked up on ALL the videos…. completely ruining them. I frantically checked all the videos and yup, they were all ruined…

Enter a major mindset opportunity (note, I said “opportunity”).

I could get really pissed really fast. I had pushed back other work to get these videos done. I spent all afternoon on it so that’s not a quick video that’s easy to redo. On top of needing to redo 5 hours of video, I’m also behind on other work now. So the question is how am I going to get it all done and stay on schedule? Plus, since I’m wiped I could let my emotions get the better of me and it could ruin my evening.

But, that’s not what I’m going to do. Instead, I wrote this post to show you that sh*t happens at every stage of business. No one is immune. We waste time, we fight technology, we make mistakes, we ____. This should calm you down the next time something like this happens to you. It’s part of the process and it equals out the days when you’re flying through work and everything is easy.

I’m going to stop work for the day to give my mind and body a break. I’m going to spoil myself somehow tonight (in a small way – some reward for rocking today even if the result wasn’t ideal). Then, I’m going to try again and I WILL finish these videos this week. Most likely on Friday. Friday’s are always my “make up” or “make advances” days.

My stress levels and mood are stable and I won’t let it bring me down for a single minute. It’s not worth wasting precious time in life on the things which you can’t control.

I hope that plants a seed for what to do the next time you experience something like this. 🙂

Your turn! Think of a time you experienced something sucky like this. Send me a comment below and let me know how YOU handled it! 🙂

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