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5 Ways to Be Your Most Vibrant, Healthy, and Happy Self

Amber Ludwig-VilhauerAre you tired of feeling scattered, depleted, and out of focus? Working with entrepreneurs for nearly a decade, I’ve seen firsthand what can happen if you don’t have a laser-like focus on the areas that naturally bring us the most joy and fulfillment.

Today, I’ll challenge you to architect your happiness in life with these 5 game-changing choices:

1. Live Authentically.

Even if you have the best intentions of fully being “you,” there’s no denying that our inner critic can sway us into being as perfect as possible so we’re well-liked. However, it’s exhausting to keep up an image that isn’t genuine and you’ll end up feeling like you’re living a lie. Ditch those deep-rooted urges to be someone everyone likes and focus on being someone you like. The rest will unfold in perfect order.

2. Kick Those Negative Nancys to the Curb.

Do you have friends or family members that seem to do the opposite of encouraging you? Living our truth is hard enough without our sphere of influence cutting us down to size at every turn. Take a good, hard look at the people in your life and how they treat you. Then, make conscious choices to bring in new friends or mentors or colleagues to raise that vibration. You won’t believe the power in this shift of energy – happiness, here we come!

3. Dominate Your Schedule.

Very, very few people have a schedule, let alone one they stick to day in and day out. Do you want more balance in your life? Are you convinced you can do and have it all? You were right when you thought it might be possible. Decide when you want to work, when you want to play, when you want to rest, and when you want to run errands or do housework. By creating a structure for your life and adding in some discipline, the world will become yours.

4. Get Your “Personal Development” Groove On.

Meditation, exercise, reading, writing, affirmations, visualization… there’s no doubt about it, these practices WORK! Whether you want to be a more effective leader, a happier parent, a more vibrant spouse, or a healthier individual at the core… scheduling time to focus on developing yourself is possibly the choice that will give you the greatest long-term return.

5. Take Your Health More Seriously.

I didn’t always take my health seriously. When I was young, I was ignorant and thought I was invincible. I would blame the world for how sluggish I felt or how unhappy I was. If you find yourself complaining about how you feel physically, look at healthy individuals with envy, or just need a good kick in the pants to finally commit to feeling better than you ever have before, then let this be your sign. Sleep more completely, drink more water, eat superfoods, exercise, reduce your stress – these are all factors that contribute to your overall health and well-being.

The reality is, you may have heard these suggestions before. But, if you’re still searching for the answer to feeling better or happier, then let this serve as validation. You know the answer. You have the tools in your toolbox. Now it’s just time to do something about it.

Your turn! Leave a comment below and let me know ONE thing you’ll commit to trying – right here, right now. Your most vibrant, healthy, happy self will soon thank you!

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