Celebrate Success & Give Yourself Some Credit!

Today, I just had to say, “Thank you!” Thank you for your awesome attitude, your support, for staying connected and for trying hard every day to do right by the world and those around you.

The backstory which will lead me to share 6 really valuable tips…

It’s been a very full past couple of months with the announcement of our little one on the way and rolling out new services (like WP Updates – which people are loving!) and putting in the hours to strengthen the internal structure for the company as a whole (more on that below).

Being a business owner isn’t easy.

I was recently at a conference full of budding entrepreneurs. Some relationship coaches, a lot of web and marketing folks and a variety of other interesting hopefuls. I listened to talk after talk about getting into a winning mindset, or the latest marketing strategy or brand disruption… and I was just thinking about HOW MUCH EFFORT goes into our success.

We are often so busy focusing on the next task that we don’t realize our progress…. and certainly don’t celebrate it. Now that is a shame.

My husband is a firefighter, and his schedule is constantly changing. He works 48-hours straight, then has 4 days off – and the cycle repeats. When he’s gone on weekends, I will sometimes invest in the future and work all weekend. Well, his weekend rotation hit, so I spent the past handful of weekends working.

What did I do?

  • I recorded 35 4-minute Fast Track videos.
  • I created a brand new service and completed the entire structure and procedure for it + fully automated another one of our services (from client contracts, prospect and team onboarding automation, planning and recording videos for an entire training program for new team members, sales page content and development, billing automation, retention strategy and execution and much more!).
  • Additionally, there was a LOT of business planning, admin work and catch up work (those pesky to-dos that have been on my mind for weeks and months are finally done – MAJOR WIN!).

Why the heck am I telling you any of this? Several reasons.

  1. Sometimes, you have to put in the time on a weekend, when you’d rather do anything else, to get caught up or ahead. The only way through it is through it.
  2. The feeling of getting rid of old dead weight is priceless. If you have to-dos weighing you down – get rid of them immediately if not sooner!!
  3. Celebrate your wins, both big and small, constantly! YOU come a long way in your progress every single day. Learning technology, executing blogging and social media … take nothing for granted. You’re working your ass off and deserve some more credit.
  4. Creating systems and procedures for your company, and for your team to follow, is an invaluable use of your time (thank you, Eric Graham, for drilling this into my head). There is NO WAY our company could operate at this high of a level without me documenting step-by-step how I want things to operate. It’s not “fun” work, but it’s “necessary” work.
  5. Do whatever you have to do to stop feeling so behind in everything. When you feel behind, that creates stress. When you are stressed that negatively comes across to prospects and your team – two groups of people who should only receive your highest joyful self.
  6. Always check yourself and confirm you are working on the tasks that will actually move the needle in your business. You should be focused on three things: monetization, content creation and relationship building. Period. Hire out the rest or put other ideas on a to-do list for the future.

Today, give yourself some credit, and recognize yourself for the effort you’ve put in lately. I’ll do the same. (We rock!!)

Comment below and let me know a win – big or small – you’re going to celebrate today. I’ll be here to celebrate with you.

Amber Vilhauer

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