5 Tips to Achieve Sales Growth in Your Small Business

I am CELEBRATING!!  Why, you ask??

Last week we surpassed our best sales year numbers ever(!!) and are excited to finish the year strong. NGNG is projected to grow by 40% (again) this year.

There are multiple things that contributed to this growth, and I want to share them with you.

Here are a few tips to achieve steady and strong sales growth:

  • Publish lots of blog posts with a SEO focus. 4 of 7 sales calls last week were from prospects that found me through a Google search. Blogging is one of the best (free) long-term strategies for growth, period. Integrating SEO with your blogging efforts (here’s how) will get you higher ranking in Google and more visibility to searchers.
  • Take excellent care of everyone. Prospects, your team, clients, partners, colleagues and strangers… When you have excellent service, awareness and care, people get excited to refer you to others. We have a 45% word of mouth rate – tell me more free advertising like that wouldn’t help a LOT with your growth!
  • Stay in your lane. As an entrepreneur you have a new idea every few hours. You want to get good at deciphering if this idea is in your lane or a distraction. Anytime I stop getting distracted and start focusing more on our core offerings, we have an explosion of new interest and higher conversions.
  • Stay “steady” (important keyword!). Have a regular, consistent, even focus on marketing. Whether you blog once a week, send a newsletter once a week, add a video to YouTube twice a week, are on social media 3 times a day, aim to get interviewed on podcasts and summits 4 times a month, and so forth… If you market evenly and consistently, you get even and consistent growth! (This means a lot to me, personally.)
  • Hire the best of the best to support you. It is NO secret how much I publicly adore and respect my team. I am always talking them up. They have earned my highest respect and love. All 12 of them make NGNG’s growth possible (and thereby their own growth too). Are you creating a win-win environment in your company?

Want to really, truly grow your business? The invitation here is for you to be the leader in your company.

There is no time to waste. There is no room for wallowing in disappointing results or living in fear and doubt. NO room.

Lead your team, partners, clients and prospects toward a vision of joy and excellence.

When you show up daily with that intention… imagine how that directly impacts your bottom line…

….Today I celebrate every single client that hired us this year and helped achieve our goals.

….Today I celebrate every person on our team for their countless hours of dedicated support and endless smiles.

….Today I celebrate YOU for having the guts to make your ideas a reality.

Thank you. 🙂

Like these tips? Reply back and let me know to “keep it comin’!”

Amber Vilhauer

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