This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide has been created specifically for blog and website owners to help provide a basic understanding of how to get your articles more exposure and readers, just by leveraging the power of Google and other search engines.

You will find a checklist of ways you can optimize your blog posts and pages with explanations for greater understanding. You will find one example article with these techniques implemented for visual learning.

Do not feel you are required to use every technique on every article. The goal is to build up to using all techniques. Once you’ve written a few optimized pieces of content you will feel more comfortable with how to keep your voice while implementing these suggestions.

Note, this guide is focused around WordPress users who have added in the “All In One SEO” or Yoast plugin. If you do not have WordPress, then ask your website developer about ways you can add in your own “meta information” to pages and posts.

I want you to feel comfortable and proud of your content! These are simply recommended methods you can implement to gain greater exposure and a wider reader base.

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