Michelle Garcia is Doing it Right!

I have a cool story to share with you about a client – Michelle Garcia – and what she did RIGHT. I think you’ll glean some great insight out of this and really relate to her predicament! Michelle Garcia is a yoga instructor (with a 500-hour master level certification, ahem!) and a meditation educator. She’s […]

A 4-Step Process to Simplify Your Business Actions

You know that feeling when it seems like there is just too much to do? Your body feels tight and adrenaline is pumping. The name of the game is “Simplify.” We have crazy unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves to do more, and more, and more and more. Maybe I can’t help with your expectations, […]

Q&A: How Can I Rapidly Grow My Email Subscriber List?

Tom Rubens, www.theaccountabilityfactor.com, submitted a question for the “Ask Amber” Podcast asking how to rise above the list-building plateau and grow his email subscriber count more rapidly. This is a great question! I am a big believer in the “quality” of the list over the size, but I definitely talk about some of the hottest […]

Google Webmaster to Learn What Your Audience Wants

Today I have a Gold Nugget for you! I insist you go to Google Webmaster, login with your Google user/password and get your website signed up for free with this awesome software. I’ve used it for years and it is AMAZING!! I can see how many links there are online to my website (the more […]