The Biggest Website Mistakes You Might Be Making

Are you trying to grow your business – or get it off the ground – but your website feels like it’s just “good enough?” Don’t settle for that! Your website should be one that you’re super proud to show off. It should also be one that creates consistent income and success. It all starts with […]

Don’t Let Outdated Website Content Ruin Your Credibility!

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money developing a website to attract your target market and convert them to your email list or client list, then listen up! I don’t want you to go another day without learning what could be hurting your credibility and results. If you want to maximize your potential […]

Keep Your Website Content Fresh| 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #24

When’s the last time you took a really good look at your website content?    Is your content current and up to date?  Do you have outdated blog posts and links that no longer function (yes, the dreaded 404 Error!)?  It may be a tedious undertaking, but it’s an important task that should be part of your […]

How to Format Your Content to Keep People Reading | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #11

Would you believe that people have much shorter attention spans these days? Um, excuse me.  Hello?  Over here.  Did you read that first sentence? Okay, you get my point.  But while we sometimes can’t help but laugh about the need for instant gratification these days, this actually does play a crucial role in the success of […]

WordPress Website Design – How to Create a Membership Website – Part II

In my recent post, WordPress Website Design – How to Create a Membership Website – Part I, I provided guidance on choosing the website structure that is best for you.  Now it’s time to dive into content creation (it’s a BIGGIE!). Creating content for your membership website should be a process similar to any other […]