Facebook Live Video: Accountability, Vision, Strategy and Success in 2019

Are you feeling like 2019 is meant to be an especially important year in your life and business? I am feeling this very strongly, and I’ve been getting many things into place to help ensure that this is a year of renewed focus, less stress and confusion and more success!

Probably the toughest challenge we’ll have to overcome this year is the 2019 marketing crisis. More than ever before, it’s going to be much harder for business owners to get their messages out there and seen by the right people. Huge corporations (think WalMart) are spending their enormous marketing budgets to […]

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How to Build Your Audience Using a Proven Strategy!

How would you like to build your audience with a proven strategy?  Yep … something that actually works!

There are 5 major struggles that authors, bloggers and online entrepreneurs face when trying to grow their businesses.

Can you guess the #1 struggle?

According to a survey of over 10,000 authors and business owners that my friend Nick Stephenson ran in 2016, the top struggle (by a long shot!) is “growing my audience.”

Surprised?  Probably not, right?

I always have my eyes on processes, programs and products that will help you and add value to your life and business.

So, in that spirit, I want you to […]

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Staying Motivated – How to Keep Life from Intruding in Your Business

As entrepreneurs, we all know just how often life can interfere with the work we’ve chosen. There are just so many distractions for online entrepreneurs to cope with, especially when working from home. In fact, Pamela Zimmer recently asked about this in one of my Authentic Leader Q&A sessions.

“When you know what your purpose is, you’re passionate about it and know you’re on the right path….how do you stay motivated and productive when everything seems to take longer than you’d hoped?”

Gosh, have any of you NOT dealt with this?

Daily Planning & Scheduling

The first thing I do to keep focused […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #3: What to Charge, Where to Find Clients and How to Close the Sale

Do you wonder if you’re charging too little (and therefore feel like you’re working for free and not making enough to sustain) or if maybe you’re charging too much (and therefore people aren’t buying at the rate in which you need to sustain)?

Are you hoping for some creative ways to get more clients? Would you like to know the specific formula for approaching those prospects?

And when it comes time to telling your prices and asking for the order, do you get that sinking feeling or feel insecure about the process?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then this episode […]

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What Do Entrepreneurs and Olympic Athletes Have in Common?

Last night I watched as incredible men and women athletes skated down a mountain wall of ice or boarded up one. World athlete leader after another, I began to find the common denominators. They all felt overwhelmed with guilt and disappointment when they lost, they all showed a combo look of fear and confidence before they started, and they all…gave it their all.

I was sitting on the floor looking up at the TV thinking, “Man that’s impressive. I can’t even image the feeling, knowing you are the best in the world at what you do.” Then my thoughts took a […]

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