If You Don’t Stay Current, You’ll Fall Behind

The Internet is an ever-changing, incredibly fast-paced force. If you aren’t willing to keep up with it, then reconsider starting a website in the first place. Every creative mind can come up with some ideas of how to improve whatever they are interested in – business, art, mechanics, personal development, etc. An entrepreneur will get […]

My Internet Marketing and Online Business Philosophies

I almost feel a little bad for people trying to get into the online business world today. By now the Internet has been around long enough to where we’ve heard loads of “experts” say they have the “cure” to whatever your problem is. You’ve got one SEO guy screaming in your ear that the #1 […]

“I Ran Out of Things to Write About on My Blog!”

…Sound familiar? Today, I have 3 quick tips to get you back on your feet and writing again. This is a common thought among bloggers and writers who have had a blog or website for over 6 months. See below for my hit list of ideas to get you fueled so you can go back […]