4 Keys to Business Growth

Growing your expertise-based business is tricky. There, I said it. It may not be what you want to hear, but if you’re running a business that makes money as a result of you selling your unique skills and knowledge, it’s something you have to know … and you probably already do.

I’ve seen many talented entrepreneurs get stuck. They get stuck on a plateau and don’t know how to climb to the next level. (I see this a lot with coaches. If you’re a coach, you are your business, and there’s only so much of you to go around, right?). It’s […]

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How to Create the Perfect Speaker Page | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #9

Are you an author, speaker, trainer or coach looking to perfect your website’s speaker page?  If so, this 4-min Fast Track training is definitely for you! 

Not a speaker or trainer yet…..but intend to become one?  You’ll love this as well.

So many people come to me with questions about creating the perfect website speaker page.  If you’re looking to do the same, then you likely need a page that showcases your experience and personality, appeals to event planners and generates interest that will lead to new opportunities.

I’m offering a detailed explanation of how to do just that!

You’ll learn:

What to include to show […]

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4 Ways to Create Income Immediately

I’ve recently become incredibly frustrated, kind of freaked out really, because I’m seeing coaches all over the place who’re struggling to monetize NOW!

Beyond that, the advice I’m seeing these coaches receive is all about long-term solutions rather than quick income generation strategies, which is what I want to offer you today.

These poor coaches, who are struggle to generate immediate income, are constantly being told that they should: blog more often, create a new product, or build their email list with more free offers. Sure, these are good strategies – for long-term success. BUT, if you need to generate immediate income, […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #10: Branding, Core Message and Client Acquisition

Most entrepreneurs think all they need is to learn marketing and they will get the results they want.

I can tell you that if your brand, core message and sales funnel isn’t clear … all the marketing in the world won’t help you achieve long-lasting, highly efficient business results.

In today’s Authentic Leader webcast, you’ll learn about all three!

So if you are an author, speaker, coach or heart-centered entrepreneur who would like to learn how to develop a core message that resonates with your audience plus learn how to fine-tune your brand for better engagement, this Authentic Leader Webcast episode is for […]

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How to Find More Clients and Low-Pressure Strategies to Get More Sales Video Training

Do you struggle with “putting yourself out there” and having to constantly drum up new clients to sustain your message?

Do you wish there was an easier way to sell that felt more comfortable for you, didn’t pressure prospects and yet still gave you real results on a consistent basis?

Today, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer shares a 30-min video training webcast teaching you, “What to Charge, Where to Find Clients and How to Close the Sale “

If you’re ready to get serious about building your business online and just need guidance so you’re life is […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #3: What to Charge, Where to Find Clients and How to Close the Sale

Do you wonder if you’re charging too little (and therefore feel like you’re working for free and not making enough to sustain) or if maybe you’re charging too much (and therefore people aren’t buying at the rate in which you need to sustain)?

Are you hoping for some creative ways to get more clients? Would you like to know the specific formula for approaching those prospects?

And when it comes time to telling your prices and asking for the order, do you get that sinking feeling or feel insecure about the process?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then this episode […]

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