Use Heart & Simplicity to Stay Ahead of Online Marketing Changes

Something has really been gnawing at me recently that I notice throughout all of my coaching calls. Want to know what it is? People are MAXED OUT and it makes me feel… so… concerned.

The bar has never been higher. People have never felt more pressure, more internal conflict on what to do, and anxiety is coming around a little too often. I can’t say I’m exempt from the intensity, but I can say I’m taking very strong measures to stay balanced.

This “drama” is changing the online marketing landscape in ways most marketers can only predict right now.

The attention span of your audience is on rapid decline. Information overload is just assumed now. The “old” ways of selling are not working as well as they used to.

I’m not trying to be glum, but I will tell you my prediction on how you can stay ahead of this season of change.

First: People want answers faster.

If you’re a long-winded writer (oh man, I’m so screwed… lol!), it’s time to be aware of it and tighten it up. Don’t sacrifice quality, just don’t go on and on about something.

What you should do: Clarify your point faster.

Second: People are getting fatigued from always reading so much.

Imagery and video will continue to rise to tell the message you want to share. You’ll start to see me rolling out changes over the summer to support these points above.

What you should do: Show them, don’t tell them.

Third: Transparency and proof of a big heart is what will sell.

Even more than fancy marketing language. People are sooo tired of $50,000 packages being sold for just $97! Courses that don’t make a difference are a penny a dozen these days. Focus on INTERACTING with each user/customer/follower. Be humble and honest, lead with heart.

What you should do: Automate less, interact more.

Consider this.

How do you feel in your world? Do you feel like it’s hard to tell what’s valuable and what’s not these days? Are you have a more difficult time making certain decisions? Do you think marketing and selling and packaging is harder than it needs to be?

I invite you to simplify. More is not more.

If any of this is hitting home, and you wish you could talk to someone about how you really feel (the good, the bad, the ugly)… make a “simple” plan to get your marketing and money-making efforts in motion…then let’s have a call. This is what I do all day long. And I love it. And I’m good at it.

If you don’t need a call right now and feel confident in your direction, awesome! Just remember to be concise without sacrificing quality, to tell a visual story and to be fully, authentically yourself. I believe in you!

Comment below and let me know if you found this to be helpful!

Amber Vilhauer

2 thoughts on “Use Heart & Simplicity to Stay Ahead of Online Marketing Changes

  1. Cat Adam

    Great post with pertinent tips. Very helpful. Thank you for this blog. I’m just getting started in affiliate marketing and setting up my website. Your videos are wonderful and right on point.
    Thanks again.

    1. Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer, Online Business Coach

      Gosh, thank you so much Catherine! It’s so awesome to have your support. Thank you for your time! 🙂

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