New Year, New Focus!

I don’t know about you but I can hardly believe it’s the New Year already!!

I’m sure you’ve been getting clobbered with emails and other types of content about achieving your goals, so I’m not going to write about that today. You’ve got that handled. 🙂

Instead, I want to share a few things I’m focused on … and kick off the New Year with simply a means to reconnect.

In 2016, here are a few things I’m focused on (and this may help with your planning too!):


4-minute Fast Track Videos

In 2.5 hours last week, I sat down and knocked out 24 videos to be used in the next 6 months for marketing. Each week, I’ll be sharing one video…which you’ll find on YouTube and embedded as a blog post! Finally, you’ll see them uploaded straight to our Facebook page, plus spread around all of our social networks. Definitely keep an eye out, because these quick and easy-to-watch videos are crammed with insight and value that will help you grow your online business!

I’ll continue to be interviewed on Podcasts and Summits.

Why? It’s an awesome way to help people I may not have been connected to otherwise. The keyword here is: Leverage. I encourage you to always think about how to leverage other people’s audiences to grow your own following.

Passion Projects

Now that the brunt of my marketing is under control, I get freed up to play on projects I am excited about. I just got a photo shoot done this week and will be redesigning the site soon.

And finally, I’m focused on re-working some internal systems and procedures to continue growing NGNG. Woot!

Your turn! What are you focused on? And what are you excited about?

Tell me, tell me!! (Just comment below….and share your news!)

Amber Vilhauer

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