Full Transparency with Your Clients for a Stronger and Profitable Working Relationship

I have found it much more effective, successful, profitable, respectful and genuine to say, “I don’t know” than to cover it up. Haven’t you?

When I’m talking to a potential client, I offer them full transparency by saying, “I’m not a know it all. I’ll always tell you when I’m not confident in doing something. I will always work to find the answer and put forth 100% effort in my work. But I will never tell you I know how to do something, when I don’t.”

I do this out of respect for the client. It really says something when a client makes the conscious choice to do business with me. I don’t take that responsibility lightly. Clients deserve to know your strengths and weakness to make the best buying decision they can.

By showing up honestly and doing my best, the outcome always rocks. But between point A and Z, I think it is critical to be honest with your clients/customers.

I have also found people to be very understanding, compassionate and kind – so what’s there to lose? Setting the right stage upfront really takes the pressure off and sets you both up for an awesome working relationship!

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