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Navigating Your Bandwidth

Sooo many awesome conversations were sparked from the message I shared with you about self-imposed deadlines last Tuesday (thank you!), and today I want to build on that momentum by talking about another thing that keeps coming up in my coaching calls — Navigating your bandwidth.  This is a hot topic for us entrepreneurs! We’re […]

Podcast Promotion Dos & Don’ts

I have something I need to get off my chest concerning podcast promotion… When I see someone promote a podcast they’ve been featured on with a caption along the lines of: “I was so honored to be part of this podcast! Thank you sooo much for having me!!”, it doesn’t make me want to listen […]

Finding YOUR Best Method for Success

Speaking at live events, leading a mastermind, starting a community, offering consulting or 1:1 coaching, selling courses, hosting a podcast…there are SO many ways you can get your message out into the world. So how in the world can you figure out which method(s) are right for you?! This is a question that comes up […]

I’m Learning to Surrender

Two words that have been echoing in my mind lately are EMBRACE and SURRENDER… Specifically, I’ve been ruminating on embracing and surrendering to change. Something I’ve observed (and shared with you just a few weeks ago) is that most people try to resist change or cling to what they know when they sense change coming […]

How I Approach Team Conflict

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced a time when a star team member’s performance suddenly shifted. Team to me can mean employees, but also the not-obvious like contractors, vendors, and freelancers.  Maybe they’d started missing deadlines, or slipping on their communication, or just not bringing the same energy into the work…In […]

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #35

Do you ever notice what other people are accomplishing… and then feel like you’re not good enough? One minute you’re feeling good about things, and then – poof! – you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, out of place, and insecure. Why the heck does this happen? We tend to always think the grass is greener on […]

Why Customer Appreciation Matters | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #6

Are you sharing the love with your new AND existing clients? People tend to get so focused on how to bring in new clients that they totally miss the boat on appealing to their existing client base! Never underestimate the power of genuine customer appreciation. When we care as much about our customers’ businesses as we do […]

An Amazing Way to Monetize Your Business Monthly | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #5

Looking for a fun and easy way to monetize your business? The thought of creating new ways to grow your online business can be so overwhelming.  Fortunately, there are very effective ways in which to do this while keeping your sanity ….. and offering incredible value to your customers. I’m getting into detail about creating a monthly […]

Why You Need to Survey Your Audience | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #4

How well do you know your audience? Are you confident that you know exactly what your potential customers want and need? With just a little added effort, you can be creating content – and offering products and services – that are making people happy ….. and helping to monetize your business! I’m sharing why you […]

Nothing But Gratitude!

While recently sitting at my mother’s kitchen table in Tucson, Arizona, I was overcome with gratitude and wanted to share some of my thoughts as a way of saying thank you. A few weeks ago, you were likely bombarded with emails and ads promoting Black Friday sales, Flash Sales, Limited-Time-Only sales, and so forth (and it’s […]

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