Building Rapport with Clients Can Help Close Deals

I’m sure in your experience as a business person you’ve come across someone who really made you feel good. That salesperson who listened intently to everything you said, that went the extra mile to fulfill your order – that person who genuinely cared. Now, remember that feeling for a minute and ask yourself, “Am I treating all of my clients this way?”

Knowing what your strengths are can be one of the most valuable things to learn for your business. Maybe you are great at Internet Marketing, but on the phone or in person, you don’t have the strongest…”People skills”. And that’s ok, but rapport building is a hugely important skill to have in your back pocket. So I’m going to give you a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way that will help you build Grade-A rapport with clients, potential clients or just your contacts in general.

Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who was deathly afraid to speak in front of an audience, who couldn’t look anyone in the eye while having a conversation and who was plain afraid to put herself “out there” for success…

Amber’s Tips for Building Rapport with Clients:

  1. You must be genuinely interested and involved in the conversation. Whether you are taking a client’s order, listening to what they need or hearing a complaint. You want to have full eye contact (and not the kind where you are looking at a person but thinking about anything other than what they are saying to you!!).
    I had a physical recently and every time I asked my doctor a question to she started to reply with “That’s a great question!”. She instantly made me feel comfortable. She was engaged in the conversation and was about as helpful as I’ve ever seen a doctor be. Now that is great rapport building!
  2. Act professional all the time — this includes the way you talk! Here’s a great question to ask yourself: “How do you want people to remember you?” Do you want to be known as the funny guy with the dirty jokes? Or the professional, ethical, honest guy that worked hard to help anyone in his path? It is important to be yourself…but personally…I am always focused on growing both my personal and business self.
  3. When I was working my first sales job selling Cutco Cutlery, I was taught to always try and build 10 minutes of rapport with each customer BEFORE starting my presentation. I drove out to the customer’s house (always the nicest housewives, and I was invited, btw) and felt it was my duty (and challenge) to keep the conversation going.
    I asked questions such as how long they’ve lived in this house, I would look at pictures in their home and ask about their family, I would ask what they do for a living and how they came to do that, etc. People love talking about their kids, home and pets — they could talk forever, so I let them for a while to build that relationship of trust, then started my demonstration. I truly believe building rapport attributed to me 85% closing ratio (25% above company average). Building rapport can help increase your closing ration and average order!


Every day I strive to achieve A+ customer service to my clients. I am genuinely happy and helpful on the phone, I respond to emails very quickly, I don’t complain to them, I make each client feel confident that I can handle anything. And I can. 🙂

What do you do to build rapport with your clients? Any stories of how rapport building helped you land a client or get an order?

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  1. Dedtrick Burton on November 26, 2010 at 6:12 am

    Fabulous tips! According to me the first and foremost thing when it comes to building rapport with your client is you should be a very good listener to him/her. There starts the mutual understanding then follows good rapport.

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