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Are You Really Connecting with Your Audience?

One of the toughest parts about running a business online is that it is a challenge to truly connect with your audience. For example, YOU. Right at this moment, you’re reading this post and I’m hoping I can make a connection. I am hoping you see there is a person writing this who wants to help you and wants you to succeed online. But it’s hard because all you see are words that any Joe Schmoe could have written. So how can people see your heart, your intent?

I have listed 3 ways below to help push you outside of the no-touch zone with your audience:

  1. What I do the very most is write in a conversational style. I write exactly the way I talk and act. I do not try to sound perfect, corporate, or stuffy. I want my authenticity to shine through and for my reader to feel I’m right there with them – because I am! I get feedback often that website visitors feel comfortable on my site and are engaged with my writing. I would WAY rather have that feedback than a perfect design or a 0.001% better conversion rate. If your visitors can connect with you, sales will naturally follow. I want to make my writing 100% about YOU. I want it to breathe life into your business and spur your creativity so you go out and produce something new to spread your message. When you are conversational, your message will be remembered.
  2. Since I brought it up in the first tip, I make sure that everything I create is about YOU, not me. I have no interest in being one of those service providers that just pushes my agenda or pushes product in your face all the time. If I write blog posts, send an email to my followers, or create a Facebook post, it truly comes from my heart as something that I think will help you. (Isn’t this the way it SHOULD be??) People can smell a salesman a mile away and that is a huge turn-off to most. One of the biggest trends I’ve noticed that will carry into 2012 is that people crave to work with genuine, real, authentic, and trustworthy people. That’s it. We are tired of scams or salespeople saying their product does one thing when it does another. I know I would keep following a leader that genuinely wanted ME to have success in life. If you ever wonder what your audience wants, it’s generally the same qualities you want in a leader or service provider, or friend.
  3. Another key way to connect with your audience is through the use of video. This is also why so many people are afraid of video – they feel so exposed once the recording starts. But isn’t that the best part of video? We are totally in the spotlight. Learn to love it everyone – get excited to show your true self to others. You are here because deep down in your gut you discovered that you have a message to share with the world. It’s time to get that message out and video is a great way to help accomplish that.

I suggest that before you finalize that eBook, push that new product, or publish that new blog post, you ask yourself, “Did I really show up and try to connect with my audience?” If the answer is no, then go back and rework it. The online world is like a giant library where everything you do gets indexed. Make sure only your best is out there for the world to learn from.

Thank you all – have a safe and Happy New Year!

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